St. Nicholas Day – When is St. Nicholas day in 2017?

St. Nicholas Day – When is St. Nicholas day in 2017?

Saint Nicholas Day 2017

St. Nicholas Day 2017 countdown is started. It is a Christian festival celebrated in many countries around the world. Saint Nicholas is mainly celebrated concerning his image of bringing gifts and praying in mass. Saint Nicholas is well liked among children especially in Europe because the saint was known as gift bringer.

St. Nicholas Day 2016 Poster

St. Nicholas Day 2016

The legendary figures like the American Santa Claus and British Father Christmas are obtained from the stories of Saint Nicholas. Nowadays, also most children wait for Santa Clause and is very popular among children.

When is Saint Nicholas Day 2017?

Saint Nicholas Day 2017, celebrated on different days in the east and west christianity. The western Christian countries celebrate the day on December 6, and the eastern countries celebrate it on December 19th. Commonly also known as the feast day of Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas Day 2017 countdown

-102Days -1Hours -4Minutes -8Seconds

Saint Nicholas Day in Different Languages

  • English – Saint Nicholas Day 2017
  • Hungarian – Télapó Mikulás 2017
  • French – Saint-Niclas 2017
  • Spanish – Día de San Nicolás 2017
  • German – Nikolausag 2017

St. Nicholas day Quotes and Wishes

Every festival is incomplete without celebrating it by means of Wishes. We have collected some best st. nicholas day quotes and wishes for you to share with friends and family members. You can simply copy and paste any of the following St. Nicholas Day wishes to use as social media post, status. Even you can use this Saint Nicholas quotes on greetings cards.

Saint Nicholas day Quotes

  • “As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the house-top the coursers they flew, with the sleigh full of toys, & St. Nicholas too…!!!”
  • “Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction…!!!”
    “Happy Saint Nicholas Day”
  • “The heretic is always better dead. And mortal eyes cannot distinguish the saint from the heretic…!!!”
    Poet: George Bernard Shaw…!!!
    “Happy Saint Nicholas Day”
  • Everybody loves St Nicholas because St Nicholas loves everybody.
  • Once again St. Nicholas Day
    Has even come to our hideaway;
    It won’t be quite as fun, I fear,
    As the happy day we had last year.
    Then we were hopeful, no reason to doubt
    That optimism would win the bout,
    And by the time this year came round,
    We’d all be free, and safe and sound.
    Still, let’s not forget it’s St. Nicholas Day,
    Though we’ve nothing left to give away.
    We’ll have to find something else to do:
    So everyone please look in their shoe!” – Anne Frank
St. Nicholas Day wishes

St. Nicholas Day wishes

  • Alas! How dreary would be the world if there was no Santa Claus! There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. Happy St. Nicholas day 2017.
  • The giver of every good and perfect gift has called upon us to mimic Gods giving, by grace, through faith, and this is not of ourselves.
    -St. Nicholas of Myra

St. Nicholas Day Wishes and images

Saint Nicholas day wishes are used on December 6th. We have provided few best st. Nicholas day wishes to be shared on the day. You can also download free Saint Nicholas day 2017 images and pictures from here and use it for personal purpose.

  • May St. Nicholas’s magic shine on you and his gifts of love may rain on you.
  • May you get everything you wished for. Happy Saint Nicholas Day 2017.
  • Follow ur saint, follow with accents sweet, Haste you, sad notes, fall at her flying feet. There, wrapped in cloud of sorrow, pity move, & tell the ravisher of my soul I perish for her love…!! Happy St. Nicholas Day
  • May your shoes be filled with Love, perspective and good health on this holy day. Happy St. Nicholas Day. Happy St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day images

Saint Nicholas day image with christmas tree

Decemner 6th, St Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day wishes

St. Nicholas Day wishes

Happy Saint Nicholas Day 2016

Happy Saint Nicholas Day 2016

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Happy St. Nicholas Day

Saint Nicholas Day Celebrated around the world

St. Nicholas day 2017 will be celebrated across the major part of the world. You can have an idea about the countries celebrating St. Nicholas day in 2017. Also read how to celebrate saint Nicholas day with friends and family members.

St. Nicholas Day 2017 in France

Alsace, Nord-Pas-De-Calais is the known as the place where Saint Nicholas principally originates from and as patron in Lorraine. Donkey with a basket tied to him brings baskets filled with treats and gifts for children. On December 6, families come together, where the elderly tells stories about the saint and the whole family awaits the Saint on the day.
A popular story of St. Nicholas which is still very much liked by children even these days is the story of three boys who got lost in the cold. A butcher invites the three boys by tempting them, where he kills all of them and salt them in a tub. But with help of Saint Nichola’s the boys were brought to life and returned to families. Saint Nicholas is not only known as a gift bringer but also a protector of children.
Most events in France during this day show the saint carrying children in a barrel. Kitchens are very busy during the day as spiced gingerbread biscuits, and brioche in the shape of the saint are baked. Poems and stories of the saint are taught to children, and many children make crafts resembling the saint giving present and treats to children.

St. Nicholas Day celebration in America

Saint Nicholas is not celebrated nationwide but mainly cities who are influenced by German culture and traditions. The cities that celebrate Saint Nicholas Day similar to the German culture are Saint Louise, Milwaukee, Virginia, Evansville, Newport News, Indiana, Texas, Cincinnati, Fredericksburg and Ohio. As similar to some European countries, in the United States as well people put shoes outside of their room. Some also hang empty sock by the fireplace a day before Saint Nicholas Day.
These traditions have been going for a long time and still are followed by many. It is believed Saint Nicholas to come and fill the socks or shoes with gifts and treats. Most Americans celebrate Christmas in addition to Saint Nicholas Day even though some rituals being same.


Two kilometres from Bethlehem, the town of Beit Jala of which the saint is a patron. It is believed the saint spent four years of his life in the holy land. On Saint Patricks Day a gathering is held in Orthodox Church of Saint Nicholas where all celebrate by praying. The day is celebrated by parades and exhibitions in the city.

German-Speaking Countries

In northern Germany, people put their boot outside the door on the night of December 5th (St. Nicholas Day) believing the boots will be filled with gifts by Saint Nicholas. The boot is referred to as Nikolaus-Stiefel. Parents tell children that their shoes will be filled with gifts only if they have behaved well and been  good. If the have not then a stick will be in the boots instead of presents.
Sometimes people dress as Saint and ask the children if they have behaved well or not. Nowadays the practice is performed by Father Christmas is known as Weinactsmann. Among Catholic Christian, Saint Nicholas image is in a dressed man on a horse and being welcomed by people. The tradition is annual, and the saint is known as to love children.
In Austria, Krampus the beast or evil creature comes with Saint Nicholas. The beast is known to punish children if they behaved badly. On the first week of December, most men dress up as Krampus to scare off children who misbehave. Saint Nicholas carries gifts and presents whereas the Krampus carries coal. There are many Variations followed by many countries.


Saint Nicholas feast is celebrated on last Sunday in June and is the patron saint of Siggiewi. A church dedicated to the saint was built between 1676 and 1693. The restoration of the old church is undergoing.


The saint from which the Santa clause is influenced was buried 800years ago in Newton Jerpoint in Kilkenny. Myra which is now in Turkey was the saint was originally buried. In 1169, the body was moved to Italy, but some say a distant relative of the saint Nicholas de Freinet took it back to Ireland.
The family of the saint built a church in memory of the saint. A part of the church is where the remain of the saint is.


The celebration in Italy is called Festa di San Nicola which is celebrated on Seventh to Ninth May. On the eighth of May, the relic of Saint is taken on a boat with other boats following. O December 6th, unmarried women pray and have to 7 times turn a column for a good husband d and married life.The saint is known to protect children and virgins. Similar traditions are practised in many places like in Sassari, where on this day patron of the city gives away gifts to women  in need to get married.
For some this festival is of more significance than Christmas. Like in the provinces Trieste, Udine and Belluno gifts are given to children and fair is organised in the first week of December.
Celebrate and pray Saint Nicholas Day with family and he will protect your family. Also, pray for others and the world.

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Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes and Greetings 2017

Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes and Greetings 2017

Christmas Quotes are used to wish friends and family during this holy festival. Christmas wishes quotes play a significant role in covering your message to your loved ones. A quote can bring a big change in how they feel on holiday. It speaks a lot about one’s sentiment on the card. There are many Christmas Greetings quotes available which you can use on your Christmas cards. They are not only are used on cards but also to greet someone and on decoration items in the house. We have collected the best Christmas wishes Quotes to adds more holiday feel to the festival.

Christmas Sayings

Merry Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Sayings bring the absolute magic in this holiday. A quote can be personalised which can mean a lot to family members; it can be a simple quote just to make the festival joyful. Quotes can mirror the feelings of your heart, and it is a splendid way to show how you feel. A quote can represent your feelings well. Get the list of the top Christmas sayings images and pictures.

Merry Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes

Quotes are used commonly on cards and greeting items to decorate the house. Many people like to use religious quotes on this holy festival to show their love to God. Best Christmas Quotes can be pasted on walls of the house to remind you of the good things during the days of Christmas. A good way to decorate house would be using different types of quotes on each wall of the house from funny to religious.

  • Christmas’s Greetings from our family to yours.
  • Merry Christmas’s Greetings and best wishes for the New Year.
  • Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
  • Merry Christmas and best wishes to you and your family for a joyful new year.
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to dear friend.
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas.
  • Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  • Have a merry and bright Christmas.
  • Have yourself a very Merry Christmas.
  • Have a joyous holiday and a peaceful New Year.
  • May Christmas come to you wrapped in joy and love.
  • May your Christmas season be filled with peace, love and fond memories.
  • May your Christmas be filled with joy and special moments.
  • May your Christmas be filled with wonder and your New Year full of promise.
  • May your Christmas be filled with wonder and your New Year full of promise.
  • May your holiday have plenty of smiles and may your New Year hold many small miracles.
  • May your days be merry and bright.
  • May your home be filled with warmth and love this holiday season and all year through.
  • May your holidays be filled with everything that makes you smile.

Funny Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Funny Quotes

Merry Christmas Funny Quotes

Well, Christmas is the best time of the year to spend with family and friends then why not make it the most funniest Christmas. Many use funny Christmas quotes on this holiday to give their loved ones an additional way to be happy. A funny Christmas sayings/quotes can be made by yourself or used from sources. It is best to make it yourself so it’s more personal and can be used with your funny Christmas Card. It is very popular to send loved one a funny Christmas Card with Funny Christmas Wishes Quotes. It is just a way to send your wish and make them happy.

  • Dear Santa, I’m writing to let you know that What I want this Christmas is a cute girlfriend.
  • Dear Santa, Please give me my gift before you check my naughty list.
  • All I want this Christmas is You Money. Merry Christmas 2017
  • Dear Santa, Naughty or Nice? You still owe me a present.
  • When you stop believing a Santa, You got an empty box.
  • Dear Santa, I would like to free calls if I’m ever caught by cops.
  • Dear Santa, Can you please arrange a secret party for me on this Christmas Eve?
  • Dear Santa, would you like to join us for a drink?
  • The best way to celebrate the Christmas is to sing loud a lot and let others know.
  • Dear Santa, I’m married can I still have my bachelor party as my present.

Christmas Card Quotes

Merry Christmas Wishes Quotes

Merry Christmas Greetings Card Quotes

Christmas Cards are one of the key ingredients of the festival. A Christmas without cards is the incomplete same way a card without a quote is incomplete. There are many types Merry Christmas quotes that people use on cards. Before you put a quote, it is necessary to know who the card is for and if it conveys your message through a quote. It all depends on the type of relationship you have with the recipient. If its for business, then a merry Christmas quote for the employee as well as his family would be good. One can always be funny during holidays to make one laugh.

  • May all your Christmas wishes come true.
  • May the spirit of the season remain with you throughout the new year.
  • May the wonderful magic of Christmas fill your home with happiness.
  • May peace shine upon the world this Christmas.
  • May this joyous Christmas season fill your heart and home with peace, prosperity and happiness.
  • May this season and the coming year bring you happiness and peace.
  • May all your wishes come true this holiday season.
  • May all the joy and wonder of the season be yours.
  • May holiday wishes shine brightly all through the year.
  • May every Christmas wish be yours.
  • May peace be your holiday wish come true.
  • May the blessings of Christmas be with you throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing you every happiness this Christmas season and throughout the coming year.
  • Wishing you the blessings of the season.
  • Wishing you the quiet beauty of a peaceful holiday season.
  • Wishing you the very best of the Christmas season.
  • Wishing you the happiest of holidays.
  • Wishing you happiness this holiday season.
  • Wishing you happiness to warm your heart and fill your home with Christmas joy.

Inspirational Merry Christmas Quotes



Merry Christmas Inspirational Quotes are of many types including love, happiness, peace, prosperity and blessings. Many use religious quotes in the form of blessing or just to convey a message of good doing and avoid wrongdoing. An inspiring quote on Christmas can be used to send a message to be helpful to the poor and do good in society and motivate him.

  • May your Christmas be joyful and filled with surprises.
  • May you have the happiness of simple pleasures at the holidays and all throughout the year.
  • May you be blessed with a beautiful Christmas.
  • May the joy of this Christmas Days bring you happiness, good health, and the best of everything.
  •  May the joy and wonder of this Christmas season remain with you always. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
  • May the magic of the season touch your heart. Merry Christmas!
  • May the peace and blessings of Christmas be yours, and may the coming year be filled with happiness.
  • May the blessings of the season warm your heart. Wishing you a Merry Christmas.
  •  May the simplest wishes come true this holiday season.
  • May the true spirit of Christmas bring you peace and happiness the whole year through.
  • May the peace and joy of the holidays be with you and those you hold dear.
  • May the beauty of the season bring you a world of joy to remember all year. Merry Christmas!
  • May the peace and happiness of the Christmas season be with you throughout the coming year.
  • May the gentle beauty of nature brighten your Christmas.
  • May the blessings and joy of this Christmas season be with you throughout the coming year.
  • May the spirit of the season be with you at Christmastime and throughout the year.
  • May the spirit of this peaceful Christmas season touch your heart and bring you joy.

Christmas Love Sayings and Greetings

Merry Christmas Love Saying

Merry Christmas Love Saying

Christmas is a time of the year to share good thing ad give back things to your loved ones as well as the society. Love quotes on Christmas can be used to wish your partner as soon as they wake up as it will be a great memory which will not be forgotten for a long time. A meaningful love quote can change the whole environment of the festival. It is also the time when wishes can come true. If you present your partner with something they desired with a quote on it, it will truly be a magical moment.

  • This Christmas open your hearts to all.
  • Let’s forget all misunderstandings that happened between us last year; let’s start a new journey with this Christmas. Wish you a merry Christmas.
  • May Santa, Gives borrow all of your pains and give you lots of love.
  • Hope this Christmas lights your heart and soul.
  • May this Christmas be filled with joy and love.
  • I love you as much as a child love Santa and Santa love us. Merry Christmas to you my baby.
  • I’m sure you might be feeling a warm, cause I’m sending lots of love to you and it’s on day way baby! Wish you a merry Christmas.
  • If Santa allows me to pick any gift from him, I would have your heart.
  • If I had to choose my gifts, I would choose you as my gift from Santa.
  • I hope When I wake up on Christmas day, I find you next to me. Merry Christmas!
  • May you get a joyful and Merry Christmas with your dear one.
  • I hope you don’t eat chocolates on this Christmas, But choose me instead. As I melt same as chocolate.

Christmas Quotes from Movies

There are many movies released wit the centric theme being Christmas. Most movies with Christmas theme are released during the time of the festival, so families have an additional option to spend time together. Most Christmas movies have quotes which can be funny, religious or realistic quotes. A quote from movies many times leaves an impression on our minds. We tend to remember it for a very long time as sometimes it gives us a different perspective to think.

Nightmare Before Christmas Quotes



The night before Christmas has very touching quotes that relate to Christmas. Quotes from the 1993 animated fantasy musical film are very popular. The Sayings not relate to the festival but are funny and have been popular till date. The movie was average successful but liked by all during Christmas, and it has been re-released again and again with making it a 3-D movie. The quotes from Jack Skellington, Dr Finkelstein and Oogie Boogie are very popular and like by many. List of the Top Merry Christmas Quotes before Nightmare.

  • “Kidnap the Sandy Claws, beat him with a stick. Lock him up for fifty years, see what makes him tick!” – Lock, Shock, and Barrel
  • “For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.” – Jack and Sally
  • “There’s only 365 days left until next Halloween!” “364!” – Mayor and Wolfman
  • “Nice work, bone daddy.” – Sax Player
  • “That’s right. I AM THE PUMPKIN KING!”- Jack Skellington
  • Mayor: How horrible our Christmas will be!
    Jack Skellington: *No.*
    [the Mayor switches to his upset face] Jack Skellington: How *jolly*!
    Mayor: Oh. How *jolly* our Christmas will be.

Charlie Brown Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes

Merry Christmas Quotes

A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the most popular television specials that related to Christmas. The series is very much liked by all and the quotes from the movie are very popular among all. Mostly this television special is usually aired during Christmas. It is a short part that runs only for 25 minutes. The main goal of the show is to show people the true meaning of this holy festival. Many stories and plays have further been created based on A Charlie Brown Christmas.

  • I guess you were right, Linus. I shouldn’t have picked this little tree. Everything I do turns into a disaster. I guess I don’t know what Christmas is all about. – Charlie Brown:
  • Lucy: “What kind of Christmas music is that?”
    Schroeder: “Beethoven Christmas music.”
  • Linus: Gee. Do they still make wooden Christmas Trees?
  • Charlie Brown: Thanks for the Christmas card you sent me, Violet.
    Violet: I didn’t send you a Christmas card, Charlie Brown.
    Charlie Brown: Don’t you know sarcasm when you hear it?
  • Lucy Van Pelt: You’re the innkeeper’s wife.
    Frieda: Do innkeeper’s wives have naturally curly hair?

Christmas Vacation Quotes

Merry Christmas Vacation Movie Quotes

Merry Christmas Vacation Movie Quotes

Most of us are on vacations during the time of Christmas. Nowadays, we all have busy lives due to hectic work schedule. As soon as there is a holiday we rush to go on vacations and especially during Christmas many prefer going on vacations. Although, the tradition is to visit family during Christmas. Most send vacation cards along with vacation quotes to make them feel like Christmas. It is best to make the vacation quotes personal, so the person feels he is connected to the family on this holy festival. You can have a list of the Best Christmas Vacation quotes for friends and family members.

  • Bethany: Is your house on fire, Clark?
    Clark: No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights.
  • Ruby Sue: Rocky bit my thumb. He’s nervous.
    Clark: Nervous or excited?
    Ruby Sue: Shitting bricks.
    Clark: You shouldn’t use that word.
    Ruby Sue: Sorry. Shittin’ rocks

Wishing you a  merry Christmas. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family on December 25.

99+ Halloween Quotes 2017 for Greeting Cards

99+ Halloween Quotes 2017 for Greeting Cards

Collection of Best and Scary Halloween Quotes and saying to create a DIY greeting cards

Halloween is time to have fun and enjoy the most. Halloween quotes are one thing that will amaze you on when you read. Halloween quotes are used mainly on Halloween cards, party invitations and in party games. Halloween is a time of year where you wear fabulous costumes, eat a lot of candies and have beautiful decorations around.

Most of us wait all year to dress up in costumes for this spooky holiday. We plan in advance for parties and also find ways to greet someone. You won’t find an initiation without a Halloween quote in it.

Halloween Quotes Collection

Halloween Wishes

Happy Halloween

Halloween saying are of many kinds from funny to scary. It depends on how you would like to wish your loved ones from family to friends. Halloween quotes are one of the essential parts of the festival as quotes give that positive feel of Halloween.

Ash Wednesday 2017 – Check history and wiki details.

Ash Wednesday 2017 – Check history and wiki details.

Ash Wednesday 2017 is a fasting day celebrated by many Christians. The Christians that honor the day are Roman Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Anglicans, and Methodists. In the Western Christianity, it is the first day of Lent. The day comes forty-six days before Easter. It can come between February 4 to March 10.

Ash Wednesday 2017

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

Jesus Christ fasted for forty days in the desert where he denied every temptation offered by Satan. It is the time to prepare for Easter. Each Sunday was celebrated as to honor Christ’s resurrection, which was considered as a feast day. Thus fasting on the day was inappropriate. To complete the fasting time of forty days, Christians during the six weeks fasted from Monday to Saturday. Also in the preceding week, they fasted from Wednesday to Saturday totaling to forty days of fasting. The Orthodox Christian do forty days of fasting in a row.

Ash Wednesday comes from blessing ashes on previous year’s Palm Sunday where ashes from Palm branches are made. The ashes are placed on heads of people who participate.

When is Ash Wednesday 2017?

Here is the Ash Wednesday countdown 2017. If you want to use this countdown for website, contact us.

-382Days -1Hours -59Minutes -8Seconds

In 2017, the Ash Wednesday comes on March 1.


Ashes on Ash Wednesday are sprinkled or applied on heads of Christians. In most countries cross made from the ashes on the forehead. The words that are said while putting the ashes are “ Remember that you are dust and to dust, you shall return.” In the revision of the Roman Rite in 1969, a new formula was used and give first place which was “ Repent and believe in the Gospel.” The first was the words spoken after the sin of Adam and Eve, which was to remind Christians of the sins and mortality. It is a way to make people apologize in time.

There are many ways ashes are used on worshipers. The two most popular in the Roman Rite of Catholic Church are the use of ashes to make a cross on the forehead and to sprinkle ash on the head. In olden times ashes were sprinkled on men, and for women, it was placed on the forehead. This was because women covered their heads in the church. There is no fixed rule on how to put ashes on worshippers. However, old records show it was sprinkled on the head. The making of the cross on the forehead is the mostly followed in English-speaking countries.

In the Anglo Church of Papua New Guinea in its publication mentions rituals of the blessing of ashes where ashes are blessed at the start of the Eucharist. After this ashes are put on the forehead of clergy and people. The Pope, the Bishop of Rome customarily take part in a procession starting from Cheech of Saint Anselm to the Basilica of Santa Sabina. As custom in Italy and many other countries around the world, the ashes are sprinkled and not put on the forehead.

According to the Anglican ritual in Papua New Guinea says after the blessing of ashes, the priest puts ashes on his forehead and then on foreheads of servers. Then after to worshippers who kneel or stand while they get blessed Sacrament. In some Catholic rituals, people take ashes to their home to place on members of the family who could not attend the ceremony.

Major Christian churches like the Anglican, Catholic, Methodists and Baptists in 2007, participated in the Go Program. It is a where the clergy goes outside of their church to public places where they would sprinkle ashes on passersby.

Source of Ashes

According to the Catholic Church and the Methodist, church ashes should be from the previous year’s Palm Sunday service where palm branches are blessed. It can be made from burnt palm crosses according to the Church of England. No sources say anything about adding anything to the ashes. A sprinkling of holy water is done while blessing them. Some Anglican mention ashes to be mixed few drops of holy water or olive oil. The ash blessed cross on

The ash blessed cross on the forehead can be removed immediately or kept for the entire day. There is no such compulsion or rule. However, Christians are encouraged to keep the ash cross on the forehead or the whole days to exercise religious freedom.

Churches on Ash Wednesday

Below are churches that observe Ash Wednesday.

1African Methodist Episcopal Church
2African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
3Anglican Catholic Church
4Anglican Communion
5Christian Church
6Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
7Churches of the Nazarene
8Church of God
9Community of Christ
10Ecclesia Gnostica
11Evangelical Covenant Church
12Free Churches
13Independent Catholic
14Liberal Catholic Church
15Lutheran Church
16Mennonite Brethren Church
17Mennonite Church Canada
18Mennonite Church Canada USA
19Methodist Church in Great Britain
20Methodist Church in India
21Metropolitan Community Church
22Mexican National Catholic Churches
23Moravian Church
24Old Catholic Church
25Reformed Churches
26Roman Catholic Church
27Traditional Anglican Comminion
28United Church of Christ
29United Methodist Church
30Wesleyan Church

Fasting on Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is a day where people fast and don’t eat meat. It is a day when one asks forgiveness on all sins. It is a day of fasting mentioned in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Although in other Christian denominations it is optional. Although the main focus of the festival is to show regret of the sins committed. Latin Catholics fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. People who are of age 18 to 59 have only one full meal a day. They can choose to have two small meals which should not be equal to one full meal.

Many Catholics fast even more than a requirement by the church. They do a complete fast with no eating or just bread and water. As all Fridays in the month of Lent are days of abstinence from meat. Even Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of abstinence from meat.

Originally Catholics used to fast throughout the month Of Lent. In olden times the day was seen as to confess one’s sins. And receive absolution. Dutch people eat salted herring on Ash Wednesday to end the Carnival in the Netherlands.

Ash Wednesday Quotes

Most of the people celebrate Ash Wednesday by sharing quotes with their family and friends. Here is the list of such Ash Wednesday quotes to share:

  • Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for you who can become. – Happy Ash Wednesday 2017.
    Happy Ash Wednesday Quote

    Ash Wednesday Quote

  • “Lent reminds us, therefore, that Christian life is a never-ending combat in which the “weapons” of prayer, fasting, and penance are used. Fighting against evil, against every form of selfishness and hate, and dying to oneself to live in God is the ascetic journey that every disciple of Jesus is called to make with humility and patience, generosity and perseverance.” – 2006
  • “And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; man became a living soul.” Happy Ash Wednesday
  • “All go to one place. All are from the dust, and to dust all return.” – Ecclesiastes 3:20
  • Everything in life has its own time. There is time to celebrate, and there is time to mourn. This is the time for reflection and transformation. Let us look within and change into what we ought to be.
    ~ Aaron Saul
  • “May Mary, our guide on the Lenten journey, lead us to ever deeper knowledge of the dead and Risen Christ, help us in the spiritual combat against sin, and sustain us as we pray with conviction: “Converte nos, Deus salutaris noster” — “Convert us to you, O God, our salvation”. Amen!” – 2011
  • It is not just about giving up our favorite food but it’s about going further and giving up things like hatred and unforgiveness. You need to clean your heart and prepare yourself for purity. Happy Ash Wednesday 2017.
    ~ Amanda Jobs

Wishing you a very happy Ash Wednesday 2017.

Best Valentine’s Day Quotes – Lovely Saying for Him and Her

Best Valentine’s Day Quotes – Lovely Saying for Him and Her

List of the lovely Valentine’s Day Sayings to be shared on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Quotes are love quotes which are the best way to express feelings. Words have long been used to convey one’s true feeling to their loved ones. Valentine’s Day is one special day where not just you, but most of the world show their love for their partner by presenting gifts and flowers. However, one important part of the day is to send a beautiful message to your spouse.

Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine’s Day Quotes

Valentine’s Day Sayings

Love quotes are a must on Valentine’s Day whether you buy a card or a gift. A great quote can change how your partner will feel. Quotes express the exact feeling in just a few lines. Many times we are unable to speak what we feel, but a quote can convert your feelings to words. There are many types of quotes from romantic to funny.

Best Love Quotes on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Love Quotes

Love Saying for Valentine’s Day

Love Quotes commonly on Valentine’s Day is to him or her. In some occasions, it may also be for close friends. Here is the list of top love quotes to be shared on Valentine’s day:

  • Where there is a great love, there are always wishes.
  • “The art of love… is largely the art of persistence.” -Albert Elli
  • “A true lover always feels in debt to the one he loves.” -Ralph W. Sockman
  • “Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved.” -Victor Hugo
  • Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~Albert Einstein
  • I cannot find the right words to describe love for it is something that we can never see or touch. Yet, it is the thing that I have felt the moment I saw you.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • “I don’t know how to write great messages in cards, but I want to let you know how special you are to me. You are awesome!” Happy Valentine’s day!
  • Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition. – By Alexander Smith
  • All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.
  • What I need to live has been given to me by the earth. Why I need to live has been given to me by you. Valentine’s Day Wishes
  • Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart. – By Kay Knudsen
  • Love makes one calmer about things, and that way, one is fit for one’s work. – By Vincent Van Gagh
  • “Many are the stars I see, but in my eye no star like thee.” -English saying used on poesy rings
  • There’s a long life ahead of you, and it’s going to be beautiful, as long as you keep loving and hugging each other. Yoko Ono
  • As we grow older together, As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . . I will always keep falling in love with you. – By Karen Clodfelder
  • In love, there are two things – bodies and words. Joyce Carol Oates
  • “Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.” – Happy Valentine’s Day
  • “When love is not madness, it is not loved.” -Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Love quotes for her

Best Love Quote Pink Image

Best Love Quote

Love quotes are one quote that passes on the exact message of your feeling. There are many types of love quotes including romantic and sensual. Most standard quotes are romantic quotes as most young people consider the day to ask their crush first time. If you have been waiting to ask a girl for long then Valentine’s day is the correct date for it. Send her a card or a beautiful bouquet of flowers with a quote that would express your sentiments. If you are a married couple you may choose sensual quotes or quotes that convey, you will always be there for them.

  1. I saw you at first sight and feel in love with you, but if it were second sight or thirds sight, it would have been you, you and you forever.
  2. It still feels like magic when I see you.
  3. I would never trade anything for what we have now.
  4. I don’t dream to love you for years, but I want to love you the most every second we are together.
  5. I wake up every morning as the happiest man on earth knowing I am with you.

Love quotes for him

Valentines day quote on leaf

Valentines day quote on leaf

Most women also see the day as to express their love to their loved one. Love quotes are perfect for a girl to reflect what they have in their heart. A quote is a few words that can bring out your true feelings in the form of love. A right quote at the right moment can win his heart. If you have been dating your partner sensual quotes also can be used.

  • Whenever you are not with me, I could feel an ocean with my tears. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You are my Valentine for life.
  • When I fell for you, I feel for you forever.
  • I love you not for what you are but for what you have made me.
  • You come in my dreams every night I just hope when I wake you are always there. I love you!!!Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Funny Quotes

I Love you Saying Image

I Love you Saying Image

Funny quotes are an excellent way to do something different from others. It is not usual for someone to send funny quotes but it does the magic. Most women look for a partner who can make them happy. If you can make her smile, they will admire you. Fun and love are very much related to each other. There are many types of funny quotes from innocent to naughty. There are 7 days to celebrate in February.

Funny valentines quotes work same was as they work for women. A guy is always attracted to the sense of humor of a girl. A girl can choose from innocent to cute, funny quotes that make her crush smile. A happy moment is always memorable where the guy remembers what made him happy. A funny quote also speaks a lot about your personality. A funny quote not only makes him happy but also gives him the positive energy.

  • I would love you even if you were the ugliest women in the world.
  • I feel you are cheating on me as your gift was too good. Happy Funny Valentine’s Day.
  • Spend more time with me this Valentine’s then your true love – Food.
  • Are you waiting eagerly for me on Valentines Day at discounted chocolates? Had a funny valentine’s day.
  • I don’t care about Valentine’s Day because I love you same for rest of the 364 days.

Valentine’s day Quotes for Friends

Love Quote with Red Rose font

Love quote with red rose font

Valentine’s Day is not just the day for lovers but also for friends. Friends are one of the most important parts of our life. Presenting close friends with gifts and cards is the trend nowadays. A quote for friends can display how much you cherish the friendship and their company. Friends are always there in good and bad times. Friends play a significant role in each stage of our lives. Below are quoted for friends which you can use on Valentine’s Day.

  • You are the most priceless thing on this earth.
  • My life is unique because you are with me.
  • You see me more than who I am. In return, if I don’t care for you, you still would care. Happy Valentine’s Day my friend.
  • I know there is friendship day but one day is not enough in a year to thank you for being there for me.
  • You are in all my relationships, all my goods and bads, I love you more than everything in the world. Happy Valentine’s Day 2017.

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Quotes

We all know women love chocolates. Chocolates can be referred to show the love and care you have for her. A sweet quote with chocolates may just be the one for you this Valentine’s Day. Chocolate quotes are not only for her bit for men as well. A cute chocolate quotes describing your relationship or your personality can be a great way to express one’s emotions.

  • Love is all we need for our relationship but chocolate makes us sweeter.
  • You are my chocolate as anything made with chocolate is good.
  • Chocolates never run out of demand same as our love.
  • Here is a bouquet of chocolates with all the sweetest chocolates in the world. However, I did not find anything sweeter than you. Happy Valetine’s Day 
  • I think of you more than I think of chocolates.

Valentine’s Day Caring quotes

Heart Quote with red color

Caring Quote

Caring quotes are one of the best quotes for men and women. They convey the care and love you have for your partner. The goal of the caring quote on valentine’s day is to show that you will always be by their side and love them for who they are. It is one of the best ways to make your partner feel comfortable on this love day.

  • I will be with you for now and forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!
  • I don’t believe in looking at each other but believe in looking at the same path of life.
  • No matter how things get worst, you will always be my best.
  • I want to love you more even when you are annoyed and angry.
  • With us together my life feels a beautiful journey.

Valentine’s Day is special where you get to woo your partner and make them feel as special as they have never felt. Try to enjoy time with your partner to make some of the most memorable moments. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!