Black Friday 2017 – Find Best Black Friday Ads and Deals

Black Friday 2017 – Find Best Black Friday Ads and Deals

Black Friday Wiki Details including Online-Offline Deals and History

The fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day and the day following is known Black Friday. It is also known as the start of the shopping season in the U.S., and all shops give discounts and sales. Most shops open early and offer one of the best prices during the day.

Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many view it as a holiday The Day After Thanksgiving. Most commonly the state of California gives holidays to government employees. Most schools have both the days of Thanksgiving and Friday off which makes it a four-day weekend, becoming one of the best time stop shops. It is also known as the busiest time of shopping in the year.

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday 2017 countdown has been started a long and people are damn excited for this shopping festival. You can find Black Friday deals, history and other wiki details from this page.

When is Black Friday 2017?

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Black Friday 2017 is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving Day. Black Friday falls on November 25 this year. The day is a big shopping day and most retail shops plan in advance for Black Friday.

Why Black Friday?

The term Black Friday was invented in 1961 in Philadelphia, where undisciplined pedestrians and the traffic would create havoc on Thanksgiving. It was after twenty-year the term was popular and a different meaning for the word was familiar. The term means where retailers begin to turn a profit.

Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals Image

Black Friday Deals

It was only in 2014, the shopping volume decreased, despite the U.S. economy not being in recession. The fall was noted as most retailers provide offer throughout the months of November and December which gives shoppers option of not purchasing everything during the four-day holiday of Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Many shops open early in the morning on Black Friday with great deals, and some of these shops also opened during midnight. Nowadays many start their offers the day before on the evening of Thanksgiving. The day of Black Friday violence is reported with heavy injuries. Many camps out on the night of Thanks Giving to start shopping on Black Friday with deals.

Violence and chaos

During Black Friday there is a lot of chaos and violence due to the rush and amount people in the crowd. There is a lot of pushing and fighting to get the best product which they have been waiting for a long time. There have been many attempts stop violence and control the shoppers, but still, minor injuries are very common.

There have been times when a substantial harm, as well as death, have occurred due to stampedes. Although a lot of minor injuries are reported all over the country, only some have reported serious injuries. Some violence has also been intentional. Government have tried to make the shopping day smooth and violence-free.

History of Black Friday

Black Friday is usually linked to old Santa Claus parades in which Santa Claus would come at the end of the day. This was because Christmas was the next festival to come. Most of these events were organized by stores to advertise their product. This became a tradition as the day after became the start of the shopping season.

It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who changed the day of Thanksgiving from last Thursday to Fourth Thursday to benefit the store owners who would give them a longer time to advertise. Nowadays most online businesses are offering big offers online which helps reduce the crowd on streets and makes it more convenient.

Black Thursday

Many retailers have started opening on Thursday instead of Black Friday. Every year retailers started increasing their time to begin to give shoppers more time and have less rush which eventually moved to Thursday. After some store followed same tradition and others continued to do the same. Many refer to the day as Brown Thursday as well.

Although a lot of stores have reported it as a loss and failure. Many stores did not see any business in the day. Even being a rush on the night of Thanksgiving in stores it did not see any sales rise. Many stores decided to go back to open early on Black Friday instead of a day early.

Black Friday Shopping the United States

Many states in the United Stats have public holidays day after Thanksgiving. States that have official Black Friday are below.

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Arkansas
  3. West Virginia
  4. California
  5. Texas
  6. Delaware
  7. South Carolina
  8. Florida
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Georgia
  11. Illinois
  12. Oklahoma
  13. Indiana
  14. Ohio
  15. Iowa
  16. New Mexico
  17. New Hampshire
  18. Kentucky
  19. Nevada
  20. Maine
  21. Nebraska
  22. Maryland
  23. Minnesota
  24. Michigan

Many news channels report the Black Friday as the busiest shopping day of a year. It is in recent years this trend has increased. It has always been reported the busiest since all year exception being the year of 2004. Although the shopping trends have an effect and is related to Christmas shopping. Although shopping overall of the whole holiday season is not that big regarding money spent. Many say Black Friday is losing its value as most retail start their sales on Thanksgiving Day.

Black Friday online deals

Many websites offer a discount on their page which are displayed a month early. Most of the items are well listed with a proper description including name and picture. This is done so all shoppers can budget and plan themselves for the upcoming holiday. There are lots of Black Friday Ads available on internet.

Many stores have informed that some prices on the websites are leaked information as Black Friday Deals and not to be used by websites. Several laws have passed to keep the prices secret of retailers. Many have claimed against websites that declare prices of retail shops. It was also a risk that competitors will take benefit of it and misuse it.

Enjoy the day shopping all you can during the holiday making sure all is done in a safe manner with the no or fewer injuries in any store. Hope you have the best shopping day.