Scary Halloween costume is one of the most popular wears during the festival. Halloween is known to be the festival where spirits come from other world and visit our world. Many customs and traditions have been going on for a long time from which some have changed, and some remain same.

Wearing costumes is one of those traditions that has been going on for long. During old times people used to wear mask or costumes to scare off evil spirits. However, nowadays it’s just another way to celebrate the festival.

Scary costumes are one of the most purchased costumes for the holiday. Here are few scary costumes that may make you scream. Aaaaaaaaa save me!!!

Scary Halloween Costumes for Men

Most men choose scary outfits that scare most. The attire chosen can be from movie characters to creatures. Here are some scary Halloween wears for men.

3D Zombie

A zombie costume is the best one for this ghostly festival.  It has many variations in style, color, texture, and the overall look. Therefore, you need not worry if you see another zombie at the party. It is so well designed that it will infect everyone with its look by end of the night. The quality is very durable although care is required while washing it. DO not use bleach or nor iron but you can hand wash it in cold water. It is 1.18″ high and 2.76″ wide providing comfortable movement and avoiding suffocation as well discomfort. The dreadful 3D Zombie includes a mask with wig, shirt, and pants with sewn in body parts and gloves. A perfect way to five into the spirit of the festival. Wearing this outfit gives a great effect and you shall definitely stand out at the party. Time to group with rest of the zombies and take on the city on this spooky holiday.  The walking dead attire is one of the favorites and is purchased by many.

  • Fully covered but still is comfortable.
  • Great for Zombie theme parties.
  • 100% polyester fabric.
  • 3D detailing is great.
  • Shirt and pant are separate pieces allowing mismatch if required.
  • The collar is too wide which won’t cover the shoulders.
  • Scary, but needs more finishing touch.
  • The 3D part only covers 10% of the outfit.
  • Mask sits flat.
  • The color is not same as it looks in the picture.

Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman Outfit

The Headless Horsemen is a popular fictional character in America as well as Europe. It’s been around since the middle ages. Dressing up as headless horsemen is a great experience, and the costume is quite scary especially for the young ones. Time to strike fear in all as you walk in the dark. The costume includes sleeves, ascot, cape, headpiece and shoulder components. The only cloth you need from your side is a trouser. The head part is made out of rubber material allowing you to modify it. You can add a knife, ax or sword to make it look scarier. The piece delivers quick and is the best option if you prefer no makeup. A great choice if you wish to go without a makeup. It’s easy to put it on and remove it as well. A smaller size of the headless horsemen can also be a good choice for children. The best part is it can fit most themed parties be it the scary or the funny.

  • Great outfit for an affordable price.
  • No makeup required.
  • 100% polyester fabric.
  • Looks more scary and creepy in real.
  • A popular fictional character.
  • Easily noticeable.
  • Does not come with a head to hold in hands.
  • The elastic band holding the inflatable shoulder is not sturdy.
  • At times inflatable shoulders deflate.
  • The neck part does not look very real.
  • Difficult to wear it if you have a big head.


IT Clown

Halloween IT Clown

The IT clown is a character from the famous horror novel “It” Halloween by Stephen Kings’s. The Pennywise clown is one of the scariest of all times and still, has its effect on many. It is the officially licensed movie clown suit coming to you straight from the book.  It is as real as it could get. Showing up dressed as the pennywise clown can scare almost every person in the room. This scary Halloween costume is perfect for a spooky night. It consists of a jumpsuit, with vest and collar, gloves, and mask. However, you have to purchase the wig separately to complete this outfit. The attire is 100$ synthetic and needs to be hand washed. Let all at the night of Halloween wait for the terrifying look of all times. Here comes the Pennywise!

  • It is available in standard, extra small, and extra large sizes.
  • Comfortable to put on and carry.
  • A popular fictional character.
  • Ships fast.
  • Looks same as pictures.
  • Good for both men and women.
  • You can modify the mask to your desire.
  • Made of synthetic material.
  • Very character popular, therefore is very common. If your goal is to scare then look for a unique costume.

Red Evil Jester

Red Evil Jester Attire

As we know, a jester is someone who entertains the crowd with his skills. This Red Evil Jester costume will amuse your friends and family. The red, black contrast makes this scary Halloween costume very noticeable and attractive. It comes with a shirt, waist sash, jester hood, skull mask. An additional skull can be purchased to complete your outfit and make it look more original. It ain’t a costume just to clown around. The piece is funny and frightening at the same time. Anyone around it should be ready for some nasty trickHalloween party. A great designed clothing to get the scream out of all near you. The attire also suits children for Halloween events as well as to knock on neighbours door for trick or treat.

  • High-quality material and is very durable.
  • Appears same as the picture. Even the colors are bright same as shown.
  • Sleeves and pants have rubber band at the end giving providing great comfort.
  • Ships fast.
  • Fully covered outfit.
  • Good for both men and women.
  • You can modify the mask to your desire.
  • The hat does not stay fit in position. Alterations are required.
  • The body fills heavy with the complete outfit.
  • It is more funny than scary.

Children’s Headless

Headless Boy Child

The Children’s Headless attire is one of the creepiest and scariest of all. If you show up on some one’s door suddenly or appear in front of someone, you surely are gonna scare the hell out of them. It consists of a robe with accessible space for face and plastic harness to support the headless neck and shoulders. The robe is fastened with velcro. Creep your friends and family with this frightening look. The key is to stay in the character to have an effect on your audience. It is also ideal for other Halloween events such as stage shows and street performances. To give it a scarier effect add a sword in the other hand. The illusion of a child’s head decapitated can be a scare off for many.

  • Great for scary themed parties.
  • Instead of the head, other things can be put to give a different look.
  • Exactly as described.
  • Fitting might have issues.
  • Plastic shoulders might hurt if not properly placed. Shoulder prop is uncomfortable.
  • Check if the gown is too long to avoid tripping on it.
  • The part above shoulders does not stay in place and keeps moving.
  • Does not allow free movement. It is only good if you have to stand.

Scarecrow Halloween

Scarecrow Outfit

A scarecrow suit is quite a Halloween-centric costume. It comes with a plaid shirt, collar, hat and waist tie. You can alter it as desired to give an output of your choice. For an original look, you can additionally purchase a bale hook, and gloves separately. Add blood splatters and ani-motion mouth movement mask for a scarier appearance. The mask comes with the purchase. A great way to disguise yourself in an open field party. Why not dress like one to scare all as Scarecrow is a decor item in many houses during this festival. It creates a great scare factor for all people around you. Over the time Scarecrow outfits have been popular among all ages. Children choose to get ready as cute scarecrows with many other variations available. A great attire to blend in at any party.

  • The teeth gives great impression.
  • Good attire for a great price.
  • The neck piece is decent.
  • Simple yet scary outfit for halloween.
  • Mask is designed great to get the scream out of all.
  • Mask breathes well providing good comfort,
  • Mask eyes are solid so needs altering.
  • The hat is floppy and not rigid. It does not stay in position.
  • Not very comfortable.
  • The burlap is rough and very scratchy.

Ghost Face Costume

Ghost Dress

This Ghost Face black color costume with a white mask is surely frightening. It appears even scarier e at night when the black color matches the sky, and all you see is a white face. It comes with a black robe, tie, belt, and the face mask. To complete the costume add gloves and knife. It matches the original Scream movie character. The outfit needs to be cared for after use, do no bleach or iron the clothing. TO clean the mask use a damp cloth. The costume is 100% polyester. The black on a piece with drapey sleeves and uneven hem can get any jump of their seat when surprised.  A good quality about the outfit is that the hood is not attached to the mask giving you comfort and hassle free night.

  • Good outfit for a great price.
  • Is perfect for most parties.
  • Good attire for all sizes.
  • A popular movie character.
  • Mask is not bendable enough.
  • Mask has a bump and is not of good quality.
  • Mask does not allow free flow of breathing.
  • The clothing material is not of the highest quality.
  • Eyes holes are very transparent.


Beetlejuice Theme

Beetlejuice Deluxe Outfit

Beetlejuice is a comedy movie released in 1998 directed by Tim Burton. Although being a comedy movie the character in it is quite scary and wearing this attire will scare many. It includes Jacket, pants, and Dickie. Beetlejuice will draw the attention towards you of all at the party. A great costume for both genders and suits equally well on both. Pair with any black shoes and get ready to party all night long. Time to create chaos with the scary looking ghost. It’s mischevious chin that gives a creepy and spooky feel to the look. The deluxe outfit is made of a matt woven fabric that looks like suit material.  However, the shirt and pants are not of the highest quality. Nonetheless, it is a good Halloween attire which can transform into a great outfit with few alterations.

  • It is a scary outfit but can have a funny look to it.
  • Is perfect for night club parties.
  • The suit is made of great material.
  • A popular movie character.
  • Sizing does not fit all.
  • Pants have an elastic waistband that does not button together. Needs altering.
  • Shirt has no sides instead have strings hanging.
  • The Jacket has a single dot of velcro which would flip to ruin the look of the costume.

Pork Grinder Pig

FunWorld Pork Grinder Adult Pig

The pork Grinder theme based costume is one of the yuckiest, creepiest and scariest of all time. The red bloody apron will definitely frighten people around you. It is so terrifying that it is best to wear it yourself so you don’t need to see it on others. It includes mask and apron, other accessories like meat hooks have to be purchased separately. The Pork Grinder costume is definitely a spooky outfit and best for the festival. The horrifying pig is out for a revenge, hope you are not his next target. You can modify the attire by adding blood stains on pants as well to give a wonderful scary appearance. The mask is very well designed to give the exact look of a pork grinder.  The apron is made of 20% cotton and 80% polyester. The product needs to be hand washed, bleaching will ruin the apron.

  • It comes same as you see in the picture.
  • It’s extremely scary.
  • Clear visibility from the mask.
  • The mask is designed well.
  • Breathing is very easy from the mask and is very comfortable to wear.
  • Blood looks fake.
  • The mask looks good but is a bit floppy.
  • Would be better if available with matching accessories.

Demon Skeleton Grim Reaper

Skeleton Grim Reaper

Demon Skeleton Grim Reaper costume is a costume that has the ability to frighten anyone and also earn you tons of compliments. All age groups love this costume but it best suits an adult. It consists of a robe, mask, hood with drape, waist chain, and wrist chain. You can add reaper scythe or an ax to make it scarier. The mask glows under a black light. It is very well designed and is one of the scariest costumes available for Halloween. Although children can wear it to scare off their neighbors during trick or treat. The outfit is perfect for the holiday as it completely covers the body and hides the person beneath the costume. Therefore it allows any person underneath it be it a woman or a man. To make it suitable for a dark Halloween night the mask could be stained with drops of blood. It is important that the addition of blood looks real and not fake.

  • An excellent detailing of skeletal parts.
  • The glowing mask gives a great effect.
  • Mask fastens well with elastic strap.
  • The mask is designed well.
  • It’s effective in masking identity.
  • The clothing is made with good quality fabric.
  • The chain breaks easily.
  • The outfit could use heavier materials to give it an original look.
  • Would be better if the ax would be provided as an add-on.

Women’s Scary Halloween Costume

Same as men outfits, women also have some scary Halloween costumes that can chill bones. Here is the list of them-

Women’s Salem Witch

Women's Salem Witch Dress

Women’s Salem Witch dress is perfect for the festival of Halloween. Witches are one of the symbols of Halloween, and many witches related decorations are seen in the house. It is perfect to match your decorations and theme of the house. The attire looks simple yet is very frightening. It includes dress, collar, printed apron, and hat with buckle. The clothing is machine washed and is made of 100% polyester. The outfit also comes with a rope/noose as shown in the picture that can be put on the neck. The noose is made of vinyl material. It does not come with alternate colors only the black and white are available. Anyone would feel fairly comfortable in the clothing. The attire is not only scary but also has the sensual side to it.

  • Cute, sexy and scary at the same time.
  • This costume will work in all kinds of party.
  • Good for all ages be it children or adult.
  • Apron stains are great.
  • The material is not of high quality.
  • The hat is not well made.
  • Not up to the mark of other witch costumes.
  • Size does not fit all.
  • The attire is a bit over priced for the type of quality.

Living Dead Dress

Living Dead Dress

It is very well designed and suits all age groups. If you are a couple you can pair it with a living dead men costume. It will definitely infect others with its looks. It includes layered dress and tattered zombie footless tights. The only additional thing you need is zombie makeup and you are set for your party. This outfit tops in the women’s scary halloween costumes race as they are to have a seductive look in addition to scary appearance. The two colors available are the gray and black. The piece has long strips on shoulders which can be tied or you can opt to cut them if you are uncomfortable with them. The gray one is made of 65% polyester and 35% Rayon, whereas the black one is made wit 90% polyester and 10% spandex. The clothing needs to be hand washed and bleaching will ruin the piece. A perfect dress that sufficiently looks creepy.

  • It’s simple to wear.
  • Great zombie wear.
  • The leggings are easily flimsy.
  • The tights are very tight.
  • Does not look that scary. If frightening is your thing then this is not for you.
  • Requires makeup to complete the look.
  • The dress is overpriced for the type of quality.
  • Sizing has issues.
  • Have to find another alternative bottom.

Zombie Housewife clothing for Halloween

Zombie Housewife Gown

Here is another living dead costume that can chill your spine. Well, the first one you going to scare is your partner. Just sleep next to him in this costume and your partner is going to be terrified when he wakes up. It comes with a polka dot dress, bloody belt, and crinoline. This dressing is best for a zombie themed Halloween parties. To pull off the outfit you need to stay in character of a zombie. It is made of easy care polyester. It needs to be hand washed and any use of chemicals can harm the cloth. A truly eye catcher clothing as it can creep out anyone standing next to it. The image of zombie in polka dot is common and seeing one standing next to you can scare the hell put out of anyone. The piece is around 4″ high and 11″ wide. Invite your guests for dinner as they don’t know what the menu is? Guess what it’s the guest as they themselves are walking to the predator.

  • Simple and easy to put on.
  • No additional accessories required.
  • The elastic band makes it comfortable to wear.
  • The bloodstained belt gives an ultimate look.
  • Great for couple costumes.
  • Scary yes stylish zombie wear.
  • Great outfit for a low cost.
  • Works wonderfully as a dance dress.
  • Sizing has issues. Check before you order.
  • Scratchy to wear.
  • Tear the holes wider to make the white skirt visible.

Dead Bride Costume

Dead Bride Outfit

The dead bride is a very simple costume but can scare many. It will keep your wedding vows everlasting. It consists of dress, veil, bouquet, brooch. If you wish to pair it with your partner, you can purchase the dead groom costume. The costume is made off 100% polyester and needs ti be hand washed. It resembles a ghoul and can scare the hell out of your partner. Would you like to marry me? No, not is the answer you will get. It can haunt your partner for days. This wedding dress can change as to your requirement. For modesty, you can wear it with a white shirt. There are tons of dead bride dresses available in the market and it is up to you to choose the one that best fits your requirement. Surely this costume ranks up in all those choices. The flower bouquet has a collection of black and white tipped flowers. You can select a different wig or keep it with your natural hair to give it a natural look.

  • Delivers fast.
  • Very less makeup required.
  • Gives the feel of a dead bride.
  • The dress looks buried in as it has to be.
  • The dress is puffy and the material is not of the highest quality.
  • Does not look same as the picture. The white and silver color doe snot look as shown.
  • The piece requires more detail.
  • The material is very itchy.
  • The veil is unattached from the headpiece.

Haunting Beauty Ghost Spirit

Haunting Ghost Spirit

This haunting beauty piece is perfect for a party and can terrify many if you suddenly appear in front of them. It looks marvelous in pitch black night where the only thing visible would be your attire. The costume consists of a dress, cape with hood, and chains. The chains can be removed if desired. It is a slip-on wear and not a zipper one. This haunting outfit is covered thoroughly with white mesh and looks stunning. When the body dies it does not mean the soul is ready to leave. Now you can reinvent and invite yourselves to the Halloween party in the haunting dress. The soul in the body might feel chained up, but now you can freely float and enjoy the night. The attire is pretty fashionable and it’s the right time where you have the chance to possess the belongings of your old friends!!!

  • No makeup required.
  • Good for the price.
  • Scary and sexy at the same time.
  • Good for all age groups.
  • Outer fabric is fragile and can rip if not taken care.
  • The skirt is too short.
  • The material is slightly itchy.
  • The loose strings come in your way throughout the party.
  • Chain quality ios poor.
  • Not good in warm weather.

Broken Doll

Broken Doll Adult Skirt

The broken doll in some cultures is known to be evil or sign of something bad coming your way. It is very well designed and you may not find a similar costume in stores. Since it is super scary, It is also adorable and cute. It includes baby doll dress, footless tights, choker, and hair bow. The piece has striped taffeta puffed sleeves edged with elastic and white satin ruffles. Have you ever had a doll that you liked to dress and comb her hair? Everything breaks one day or the other. Even the childhood doll that broke was thrown out. If you suddenly tell your mom you see the doll everywhere it will send chills through her spine. You never had the chance to say bye and give it a hug. Now is the time you can dress up as your childhood love. It is well designed with stitches on skirt giving it a look to scare all. The broken doll returns and it will never leave you!!!

  • Cute, sexy and scary at the same time.
  • Popular scary personality.
  • Good for young girls and teenagers.
  • The piece is very well designed to send the right message.
  • You need to carry out the personality to be fair to the outfit.
  • The material is not that great.
  • It is a bit wide.
  • The tights are not that great.

Zombie Nurse Costume

Zombie Nurse Outfit

The zombie nurse is quite a scary idea in itself. The nurse works in a hospital where you get treated contrary to it this zombie nurse is going to infect you. A great wear as it is very simple yet terrifying. The costume comes with nurse dress and headpiece. You can purchase the wig and a pair of matching red shoes or bloody splatter white shoes separately. You might find yourself around zombies but to look at a brain-munching nurse can surely scare the hell pout of you. The first thing that comes to mind when you see a nurse is all will be alright, however, seeing this zombie nurse will only send one thought to your mind i.e. run for your life!!! With this outfit, you can start at a hospital infection the wounded and create a havoc. The dress gives a menacing look with the blood splatter on the skirt. You can add some medical accessory to give a natural look. All one can say seeing the outfit is “run to the hills to save yourself from being eaten and hope this is not the end”.

  • The piece is scary as hell if frightening is your thing.
  • Can be a great disguise.
  • Good for all age girls.
  • The clothing is well made.
  • The dress is not of the highest quality.

The Exorcist Regan

The Exorcist Regan Gown

Well, we all have watched the movie Exorcist, and surely all its sequels are scary. Here is a costume that will scare all your friends and loved ones when you just show up on their door. The Regan costume is simple to wear and consists of the famous nightgown from the movie. The vomit stains are similar to that in the movie.All you can do is scream help me!!! when you Regan MacNeil the Exorcist. Make sure you call your pals to the attic and have a scary Halloween night. A great outfit to terrify your partner by shaking the bed in the middle of the night. We present the scariest demon of all time, Regan MacNeil. There are many things we take lightly and not scared of but a demon that possesses souls is bone chilling. All you need is now a demonic mask and you are all set for the night.

  • The gown is creepy ans scary.
  • A popular movie character.
  • Good for all age girls.
  • The Same outfit can work for a zombie look as well.
  • Very easy to put on and remove.
  • The arms feel very tight and uncomfortable.
  • The material is too thin and not of high quality.
  • The gown is too long.

Zombie Schoolgirl

Zombie Schoolgirl Uniform

Zombie schoolgirl is one of those special looks that can surprise all at the party. Seeing an innocent girl dressed as the living dead is spine chilling. It includes shirt, jacket, skirt, and tie. The necktie is pretty comfortable to wear and does not come in your way when you have your dress on.  You may need, to purchase wig and shoes separately to complete your costume. It does not matter if you lost your book or dog ate your homework. You still have to go to school, don’t you. Go in this dress and your teacher won’t ever ask you for your homework. Look out if your teacher has not been already infected!!! Zombies are cool be it a teacher or a student, these brain chomping Devil is the perfect look for the festival. All you need is a gorss creepy zombie makeup and you are all set for the spooky day or should i say night?

  • It is very comfortable.
  • Good for the price.
  • The outfit is ideal for teenagers.
  • The material is of the highest quality.
  • A common outfit for young girls.
  • Requires blood-stained socks and shoes.

Halloween is a festival where all family and friends come together and enjoy the day. It is celebrated among all ages and liked by most. Make this Halloween the scariest of all Halloween by wearing some the scariest Halloween costumes ever.  Enjoy the day with all as at the end all the scare is just to have fun and create memories.