Halloween 2017 Celebrations  – Halloween wiki details and history

Halloween 2017 is going to be celebrated on 31 October on the eve of the feast of all hallows which falls on November 1. It is a holiday that is awaited by every kid in the world where he gets to dress up as someone they admire could be a superhero or could be a princess.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 image
Halloween 2017 image

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween means hallowed evening which stands for the holy evening. It is a festival to remember the dead and to pay respect to them. Many countries follow Halloween but in their traditional style.

When is Halloween 2017?

Halloween 2017 is on Tuesday, 31st October 2017. You can read more about Halloween date and countdown on next post.

Halloween 2017 Celebration

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Halloween Costumes

Halloween without costumes is like a bird without wings; FestCalendar has prepared an excellent list of the Halloween costumes 2017. You can get the following Halloween costumes from our portal.

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Halloween Wishes and Quotes

When it comes to the festival, Wishing our dear one on the special occasion is the must. We people always celebrate the holiday by wishing our family and friends by sending them a beautiful flower bookey or gift article. If it is not possible, we people are sending a quote or text message as a part of the wish. For Halloween Celebration 2017, FestCalendar has prepared an impressive list of the Halloween Wishes Quotes and Greetings message. You can find it here

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Halloween decorations

People often decorate their homes, offices, garden and restaurants on the day of Halloween. For this year, FestCalendar is come up with an impressive collection of the best scary and scoop Halloween decoration ideas. You can find it here

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Halloween Songs and Movies list

People often celebrate the October 31 by having various parties at their homes. There are a lot of movies based on the Halloween theme. Most of the channel broadcast on television still if you wants to watch a halloween movie online, this post of festcalendar will help you.

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Halloween History

31 October calendar

31st October – Halloween date

According to popular belief, Halloween has emerged from an ancient festival called Samhain. It was celebrated by the Celtic as their harvest festival and later was named as a Christian festival by the early stage. However, some people do believe the Halloween is a Christian festival and has its own source separate to that of Samhain. Some also believe that Halloween is a festival that has its roots in the roman feast of Pomona,the goddess of fruits and seeds or parentalia, the festival of dead.

Samhain was celebrated after harvest rest of the season. It was a festival known to be the line between this world and the otherworld. It is believed that the spirits and fairies could come easily to our world and keep their presence in people’s mind. Offerings were left outside of the house for the spirits which in return would keep them and their belongings safe through the cold winter. Candles would be lit in all room windows and doors so good spirits can find their way.

Primarily Halloween is celebrated through western culture although in the last decade the festival has reached most parts of work trough t popularity in society. Reasons to celebrate vary between countries. Countries in the east celebrate to follow the new modern American culture. Most countries have a day where they celebrate my remembering the people who have passed away.

Happy Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween 2016

The tradition of Halloween costumes and going house to house started in the 16th century. Although ancient western literature mentions that people would dress up as spirits and would receive offerings made by people on behalf of the dead,Originally it is believed that people would wear costumes and impersonate to protect themselves from devils. People believed that giving offerings will bring them future and keep their well-being through the winter. In Scotland, young people would go house to house painting themselves black with ashes of bonfire or wearing a mask and threaten families to do some mischief if they would not welcome or give offerings. Although in some parts of Europe a man with wearing costumes on the horse and to acts.

In the 19th century, candles would be lit and prayers were made to the spirits and souls who have left this world. After prayers, the family would gather and play games and have a feast. The games primary goal would be to discover one’s future. Bonfires wold take place and the smoke of it was considered to have cleansing powers and bring prosperity to the family. Fires were a thought to be the sun that would help them grow and keep the devils away from their home. In the Scottish region during this period a new way to celebrate started where young people would dress as spirits and play pranks on others. The same tradition moved to England in the 20th century.Most people used to carry lanterns that represented spirits and to chase away the evil spirits. This tradition comes from Ireland and Scotland where it was very common to carry lanterns. Surely

Surely Halloween 2017 traditions will be very different from what we know of all old traditions as new ideas are adopted each year .

What is the Connection of Halloween with Christian?

According to Christina belief, Halloween is an evening before the holy days of saints that are on November 1 and all souls day which falls on November 2 thus making Halloween as the eve of all holy days. Major feasts are prepared in churches and prayers are sung to honour the saints and people who might have recently left the world and whose souls still yet to reach the heaven. In Christian culture all saints festive was commenced in the year 609 but was celebrated on 13 may similar to that roman festive of the dead. In year 835 November 1 was officially decided to celebrate same as the Samhain. Some believe the change to be influenced by geographical similarities to the Celtic.

By the 12th century, the festival was spread across Europe. They might have difference ways to celebrate but the goal was the pray for the dead and in return bring good fortune. Some parts of Europe celebrated by ring bells in church and for the souls. People also would come on street ringing bells engaging others to join to remember the souls who have departed this world.

Trick or treat has been linked to fouling that dates back to 15th century. Soling was a tradition of baking soul cakes for christened souls. This tradition was suggested to start in England. Poor children would go door to door collecting the cakes and in return would pray for the dead of people whose relatives might have passed away. In olden times it is believed that souls which left the world roam around our world until All saints day. The souls also are given a chance to take revenge of enemies before going to the next world.

People think of wearing masks to save themselves from souls that would want payback from them. On of the symbols of Halloween is the jack-ò-lantern which initially represented the souls of the dead. Some lit fires to divert the souls not to haunt houses of Christian families. Contrary in some countries candles were lit in every room so souls could visit their homes and families. In olden France, people would dress up as corpses to show that all things in this world come to an end. Some people also sit next to graves of loved ones praying. In Italy, families cook meals and keep it on doorway before going to church.

Halloween Celebrations In North America

Up until 19th century, Halloween was not celebrated in Northern America. It is when in the 19th-century lot of Scottish and Irish families migrated to the United States Of America Halloween was counted as a holiday. In the 20th century, it was known as a major holiday celebrated by all parts of society irrespective of race or religion.

The Halloween has various symbols from country to country. The most famous of all is the Jack ò lantern. As mentioned earlier some people believe the lantern is to frighten the evil spirits. According to Irish folklore, it said to be believed that soul jack soul was denied entry into heaven and hell. While walking on the road after drinking jack meets a devil and tricks the devil into climbing a tree and trapping him in the tree by etching a cross in the bark.

Jack then makes a deal with the devil that satan can never claim his soul. After a life of all sins drinking and other sins jack was denied to enter heaven when he died. As devil had promised jack that it will not claim his soul in hell, the devil throws the live coal to jack from the fires of hell, jack places the coal in hollowed turnip which would stop it from going out since that time jack has his lantern and has been trying to find a place to rest.

Traditionally a turnip is carved but the people who migrated to northern America use pumpkin instead. The houses are decorated with symbols of lantern and scarecrows. These days parties are organised with has times of graveyard, as death and monsters. The two primary colours of Halloween are black and orange, but now purple is also widely used and known as Halloween colours.

Americans have adopted the festival so well that to some it feel like an American holiday, which before 200 years was festive migrated with the Irish and Scottish. But now the Americans celebrate as a festival, as one of theirs and it feels like its been around for long.

What is Trick or Treat on Halloween?

Trick or Treat on Halloween

Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat is one of the main reason people think we celebrate Halloween. Trick or treat is a tradition where children go house to house asking for treats like candy or gifts or money. When children ask treat or trick it refers to if the house owner wants to give candies or gifts and treat means threatening them to be ready for some prank bring damage to property or house owner.

In addition to trick or treat a new concept developed which is called trunk or treat, where trunks of cars are decorated and children get any and gifts from there.

Halloween is widely celebrated by many around the world and hope you enjoy this Halloween 2017 the most with family and friends. Hope you have a spookiest Halloween this year and also equally make it scary for others.