Best Halloween Songs Playlist for spooky celebration of Halloween 2016

Halloween songs as it sounds seems quite unusual. No matter how cheesy they might be but surely are very much fun to listen especially songs for children. Whether you have a party at home or just enjoying with friends best Halloween tracks are a must. Halloween songs playlist bring the feel of the Halloween festival. Most Halloween songs are about ghosts, pumpkins, and jack-o-lantern. Some songs are of skeletons, zombies, and haunted houses; most songs relate to these only.

Halloween Tracks bring the feel of the Halloween festival. Most of the tracks are about ghosts, pumpkins, and jack-o-lantern. Some songs are of skeletons, zombies, and haunted houses; most songs relate to these only. Enjoy the top halloween songs playlists.

Some popular Halloween Songs

Happy Halloween Music 😀 Kids Adults Scary Theme Party Instrumental Background

What can be called a Halloween song? A song that gives the feel of Halloween and the words some way relate to Halloween. In a way, every genre has one or more Halloween tracks which some way relate to the festival. Halloween songs are a must if you are organizing a party irrespective of the age group.
Is there any party without music? There surely isn’t. We all know we all dance better when we are dressed up as some other personalities in our costumes as there is no fear to be known.You can find Halloween Decoration ideas here.

There are many popular songs played on Halloween from which some are so popular that without which a party is known to be incomplete. Soundtracks from “Halloween movies” from the first movie to its remake in 2007 all are like a tradition to be played on Halloween. Adding another to the list are the Monster Mash and Micahel Jacksons “Thriller.”

Halloween Playlist by Age Group

Halloween songs are different based on age groups. Children Halloween songs are with animated characters and funny voices. These songs are to entertain children but also give them knowledge on Halloween and its symbols. It help children to remember the characters associated with the festival.

Halloween playlist 2016 for Adults

Halloween songs are also available for adults categorized by funny and frightening with violence in them. They also come based on themes which you can find at most digital stores.

Scary Halloween Music Instrumental Dark Creepy Horror Suspense Suspenseful Music

You can mix up your scary or funny Halloween song and play it in your party. It surely will be something unique. Some of the most known  songs are related haunted house and vampires.

Halloween Songs 2016 for Kids

Haunted House Song for Kids

Creating a playlist before Halloween is advisable as it is one of the things people would want in a party. You can personalise your songs and create a playlist that pairs your theme and suits the ambience of the party as well as the audience. If you have a young audience, it is very necessary to play kid-friendly songs. These are the best halloween songs for kids under age. 

Classic Halloween Songs

Vintage Classic Halloween Music Playlist online

Surely it’s Halloween and is known to be the festival of candies and sweets. It also is known to be the festival to be frightened. Some of the old classic songs just are bone chilling. Alice coppers “I love the dead” released in 1973 is one of the songs that still terrifies people. Roky Erickson, “I Walked With a Zombie” is another addition to that list. There are many more songs that still chills our bones. Enjoy the classic and old songs playlist on this Halloween.

Funny Halloween Songs

Halloween Party Songs 2016

It is a surprise but true there are funny Halloween songs. These songs do not shiver your bones but tickle your bones. Songs like the Pumpkin Man, the Halloween friends, happy Halloween, twinkle twinkle candlelight, and trick or treat are some songs that will only make you laugh even if you surrounded by scary things.

Top Halloween Songs

Halloween Costume Party song 2016

Halloween songs in recent times are not quite the match to the old classics but surely serves the purpose. The new generation songs keep it less violent as it would serve a larger audience. Some of the songs that have been considered Halloween Track recently are “Deal With the Devil” – Pop Evil from the album Onyx released in 2013 and “Every Day Is Halloween” by Ministry from the album undercover released in 2010.

Top Halloween songs are still something that people look forward to in a party. As the party has everything to make them feel different from the ambiance to costumes and the song is something that sets the mood.