Halloween Pranks That Make Your Halloween Scary And Funny

Halloween without pranks is not at all Halloween like. Halloween pranks are performed mostly with family and friends. Although people prank strangers, the level of pranking should be monitored. Most people who love pranks plan their trick well in advance and try them o few friends and family members.

List of Halloween Prank Ideas

Halloween is about candy for children and for adults it is all about pranks. You can make your innovations and use your creativity to make your prank successful. Here are some Halloween pranks that are common during Halloween.

Mannequins Prank for Halloween

Mannequins Prank

Mannequins Prank

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Most of us go shopping during Halloween to purchase some costumes or decor items. This is the time where people stand as mannequins in a shop to scare others as they pass by. It is a very common way to scare strangers as it is very unexpected.