Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

halloween the curse of michael myershalloween the curse of michael myers

Halloween – curse of michael myers

The movie ‘Halloween – curse of michael myers’ listed as top Halloween Movie cause – The movie starts with Michael and her niece bot being kidnapped by a man in black clothes. After six years it is shown Jamie is pregnant an her baby is born. The baby is taken away by men in black who are a cult. A women helps Jamie and her baby to escape and Michael kills the lady. Jamie drives in a stolen pick up and informs on the radio that Michael is coming back to the town. Michael follows Jamie and kills her in a barn under a corn thresher. He finds the baby is not in the truck.and goes to look for it. Meanwhile Dr. Loomis is retired but asked to come back by the administrator of the sanatorium where once Michael was admitted as a kid. Michael then returns to his town and kills the women staying in the his old house. Tommy is a someone who always wanted to know motives why Michael is killing people believes he is cursed by the a Durid cult where one child of each tribe is cursed to kill its kin on Samhain. Tommy and Dr. Loomis meet and men in black shows himself as Dr. Wynn. Michael finds himself being used for scientific research and kills the all with machete. Finally it’s shown that Michaels mask is on the floor, and Dr. Loomis is heard screaming. The movie end with a suspense of both characters.