Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 5

the revenge of Michael myers poster

The fraky movie begins with the scene from the Halloween 4 – The Return of Michael Myers where Michael is shot in a mine. The movie moves on from there showing Michael escapes and is staying in a hermits house for a year recovering. In the mean time Jamie (Michael’s niece) is been admitted to a hospital. It shows she has a telepathic link with Michael which Loomis became aware of. Through this he finds Michael is alive and tries to convince the Sheriff. Michael then kills Rachel with pair of scissors and starts following her friend Tina. Michael then kills Tina’s boyfriend and others as well. Jamie informs Tina about Michael and they try to run. Tina sacrifices herself to save Jamie. Jamie now wants it to come to an end and with help of Dr. Loomis and police, they make a setup to catch Michael in his old house. However, the plan fails and Michael kills few police officers and injures Dr. Loomis. Jamie escapes somehow but is being chased by Michael. The movie ends as it shows Micael being arrested and is in a police station then to be transferred to maximum security prison. The last scene shows a person attacks a police station and Jamie walking pass by police station see’s all policeman dead and does not find Michael in his cell.