Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

halloween 4 the return of michael myers

Halloween 4 the return of michael myers

Ten years later to the first Halloween movie of the series in 1988 Halloween 4 was released titled Return of Michael Myers which shows he was not dead and was in a coma after being burnt in part Halloween II (1981 film). As he finds, he has a niece Michael kills all paramedics in the ambulance which was transferring him to a sanitarium. Learning Michaels escape Dr Loomis follows him where he finds Michael has killed a mechanic for his clothes. Then Michael leaves to Haddonfield, and the doctor follows him. Michael finds his niece living with a foster family. Doctor warns the sheriff about Michael and local group is formed by men of the town to take Michael down. Michael in the meantime slaughters many police officers. Michael also chases Rachel and Jamie (his niece) and tries to kill them. Finally, police shoot him near a mine and drive Rachel and Jamie to home. As soon as their foster parents come home and comfort them. Jamie then puts on a clown mask and murders her mother with scissors as she is influenced by Michaels presence. One of the scariest Halloween movie to watch on Halloween eve 2017.