List of the Top Halloween Movies to be watch on 31 October

Watching a Halloween movie is a new way to celebrate the festival of Halloween in the modern day. Halloween as a festival is not just celebrated for its religious value but also known for modern day celebrations. The present-day celebrations are just a different way to enjoy than the old traditional way.

It is not only celebrated in homes but also on screen with a lot of Halloween based movies, and tv series come each year which adds more fun to the celebration. Some movie series are as old as 30 years. Future remakes are still being made of the same film. The main reason for Halloween movies is to make us feel more close to the festival and give us an additional way to celebrate Halloween with our loved ones.

Halloween Movies 2017 to Laugh, Cry and Hide behind your bed

Halloween movies are both scary and funny; some Halloween movies are purely for an adult which are scary and violent. Nowadays lot movie makers are making funny Halloween movies which are not too scary but just to make us laugh on Halloween.

Most people these days wish to watch a film which would make their loved ones laugh and enjoy instead scare them. However, some people want to have a scary experience on Halloween, so they watch scary Halloween movies.

Halloween Movie Franchise

One of the most popular movie series is the Halloween series by the Halloween franchise. They in total have ten films the first one releasing in 1978 by the name Halloween directed by John Carpenter.

Halloween (1978)

halloween 1978 poster

Halloween 1978 poster

The Halloween 1978 movie is about a young guy Michael Myers who first kills his sister dressed in clown costumes and mask after which he had been sent to a sanitarium. After years he escapes from the sanitarium and goes to his hometown and starts stalking babysitters. In the movie, Michael Myers kills babysitters on Halloween nights and his psychiatrist searching for him and trying to catch him, at the end movies with Michael Myers being shot by his psychiatrist. This one is the best Halloween movie for family.

Halloween II (1981)

Halloween ii 1981 movie poster

Halloween ii 1981 movie poster

Three years later a sequel to the Halloween film was released in 1981 where it’s shown that Michael Myers was not dead and went missing after he had been shot. The sequel then shows how Michael then follows the babysitter and kills everyone who comes between them. The story then comes in light and uncovers when it shows that the babysitter he is stalking is his sister, she was put for adoption as a baby. The movie where Michael, the babysitter, and her friend are in a room and when an explosion is caused, and the babysitter who is Michaels real sister escapes and Michael is in flames finally burning to die.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch

halloween iii season of the witch

halloween iii season of the witch

The third part of Halloween movie was released in 1982 but does not feature Michael Myers. The movie starts with Harry Grimbridge ( a character) running in the street followed men in suits. After one attacks him, he falls at a gas station. The gas station attendant drives him to the hospital to be treated by Dr Challis. Soon after it is shown a man in a suit enters the hospital and kills him then after kills himself. Grimbridge’s daughter and the doctor start investigating the matter. Soon they find the men in suits are robots created by Cochran. He believes many who honour to the old gods, and it will bring the old days of witchcraft back. Finally, the doctor kills Cochran, and all is robots by destroying his factory.

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

halloween 4 the return of michael myers

Halloween 4 the return of michael myers

Ten years later to the first Halloween movie of the series in 1988 Halloween 4 was released titled Return of Michael Myers which shows he was not dead and was in a coma after being burnt in part Halloween II (1981 film). As he finds, he has a niece Michael kills all paramedics in the ambulance which was transferring him to a sanitarium. Learning Michaels escape Dr Loomis follows him where he finds Michael has killed a mechanic for his clothes. Then Michael leaves to Haddonfield, and the doctor follows him. Michael finds his niece living with a foster family. Doctor warns the sheriff about Michael and local group is formed by men of the town to take Michael down. Michael in the meantime slaughters many police officers. Michael also chases Rachel and Jamie (his niece) and tries to kill them. Finally, police shoot him near a mine and drive Rachel and Jamie to home. As soon as their foster parents come home and comfort them. Jamie then puts on a clown mask and murders her mother with scissors as she is influenced by Michaels presence. One of the scariest Halloween movie to watch on Halloween eve 2017.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 5

the revenge of Michael myers poster

The fraky movie begins with the scene from the Halloween 4 – The Return of Michael Myers where Michael is shot in a mine. The movie moves on from there showing Michael escapes and is staying in a hermits house for a year recovering. In the mean time Jamie (Michael’s niece) is been admitted to a hospital. It shows she has a telepathic link with Michael which Loomis became aware of. Through this he finds Michael is alive and tries to convince the Sheriff. Michael then kills Rachel with pair of scissors and starts following her friend Tina. Michael then kills Tina’s boyfriend and others as well. Jamie informs Tina about Michael and they try to run. Tina sacrifices herself to save Jamie. Jamie now wants it to come to an end and with help of Dr. Loomis and police, they make a setup to catch Michael in his old house. However, the plan fails and Michael kills few police officers and injures Dr. Loomis. Jamie escapes somehow but is being chased by Michael. The movie ends as it shows Micael being arrested and is in a police station then to be transferred to maximum security prison. The last scene shows a person attacks a police station and Jamie walking pass by police station see’s all policeman dead and does not find Michael in his cell.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

halloween the curse of michael myershalloween the curse of michael myers

Halloween – curse of michael myers

The movie ‘Halloween – curse of michael myers’ listed as top Halloween Movie cause – The movie starts with Michael and her niece bot being kidnapped by a man in black clothes. After six years it is shown Jamie is pregnant an her baby is born. The baby is taken away by men in black who are a cult. A women helps Jamie and her baby to escape and Michael kills the lady. Jamie drives in a stolen pick up and informs on the radio that Michael is coming back to the town. Michael follows Jamie and kills her in a barn under a corn thresher. He finds the baby is not in the truck.and goes to look for it. Meanwhile Dr. Loomis is retired but asked to come back by the administrator of the sanatorium where once Michael was admitted as a kid. Michael then returns to his town and kills the women staying in the his old house. Tommy is a someone who always wanted to know motives why Michael is killing people believes he is cursed by the a Durid cult where one child of each tribe is cursed to kill its kin on Samhain. Tommy and Dr. Loomis meet and men in black shows himself as Dr. Wynn. Michael finds himself being used for scientific research and kills the all with machete. Finally it’s shown that Michaels mask is on the floor, and Dr. Loomis is heard screaming. The movie end with a suspense of both characters.

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

halloween h20 20 years later 1998

halloween h20 20 years later 1998

Halloween Movie h20 review : Twenty years after the first movie Halloween 1. After Micahel attacked his unknown sister Laurie she has been leaving in fear. She has changed her name and now is the head-mistress in a school where her boy goes to school as well. She has nightmares of Michaels and always argues with her son on the existence of Michael. Her son and friends lan to organise a Halloween party and Lauire shares her fear with her boyfriend. Michael has somehow found Laurie and people start to be lost from the party. Laurie plans to fight him and not run from him. Laurie then fights Michael and kills him. When the police come they put Michael in a body bag and insisit he is dead. Laurie does not believe and escapes with the car and she finds Michael sitting. She hits the brake which force Michael out of the car and runs him down. She decapitates him and finally killing Michael.

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

halloween resurrection 2002

Halloween resurrection 2002

The movie shows a group of students who visit the famous serial killer Michael Myers home. They do feel they might find something or something to be scared off. The house is covered with cameras as the experience is to be recorded and shown live on the internet. As they roam around the house, they find themselves in a bigger problem as Michael has come home. Michael does not wish anyone to leave home alive. Friends can watch this movie together on Halloween 2017.

Remake of 1978 Halloween

remake of 1978 halloween

remake of 1978 halloween movie poster

A few years back a remake of the first Halloween movie of the series was made in 2007 by Rob Zombie; it was successful although had minor changes in the film. The movie uncovers early in the movie the babysitter as his real sister and also shows the cause why Michael was psychological disturbed.

Halloween II (2009)

Halloween ii 2009 movie poster

Halloween ii 2009 movie poster

Rob Zombie released a sequel two years later where he said he did not have to follow the original script. The sequel shows Michael dangerous more than before. Michael continues his Halloween murder storm. The movie also showed the change in his sister who was the babysitter after all events that took place. Its a kinda Scary Halloween movie that freaks you.

Rock Horror

Rocky Horror Movie Poster

Rocky Horror Movie Poster

A newly engaged couple come into a castle of Dr Frank-N-Furter. As it was raining, they plan to seek refuge in the castle, and the doctor shows his creations. Frank seduces the couple and the wife, and Rocky (Franks Creation) get involved. Soon they discover that Frank is an alien. This is the hot Halloween movie for couples and aged persons.

Fright Night

Fright Night Poster

Fright Night Poster

A horror film that has both horror and comedy. Charley Brester comes to know that his next door neighbor is a vampire. He feels more confident in his thought when he finds about deaths of few girls. When the neighbor tries to kill him in his bedroom, Charlie plans to level him. As know one believes him he then takes help of a vampire killer from a TV show.

There are many popular tv series which are shown during the Halloween time. Its goal is to give alternative way for people enjoy Halloween with their loved ones. Halloween movies are good fun to watch and entertain ourselves and our guest. You can find Halloween wishes here and also get some decoration ideas at this link.

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