List of the Top Halloween Movies to be watch on 31 October

Watching a Halloween movie is a new way to celebrate the festival of Halloween in the modern day. Halloween as a festival is not just celebrated for its religious value but also known for modern day celebrations. The present-day celebrations are just a different way to enjoy than the old traditional way.

It is not only celebrated in homes but also on screen with a lot of Halloween based movies, and tv series come each year which adds more fun to the celebration. Some movie series are as old as 30 years. Future remakes are still being made of the same film. The main reason for Halloween movies is to make us feel more close to the festival and give us an additional way to celebrate Halloween with our loved ones.

Halloween Movies 2017 to Laugh, Cry and Hide behind your bed

Halloween movies are both scary and funny; some Halloween movies are purely for an adult which are scary and violent. Nowadays lot movie makers are making funny Halloween movies which are not too scary but just to make us laugh on Halloween.

Most people these days wish to watch a film which would make their loved ones laugh and enjoy instead scare them. However, some people want to have a scary experience on Halloween, so they watch scary Halloween movies.

Halloween Movie Franchise

One of the most popular movie series is the Halloween series by the Halloween franchise. They in total have ten films the first one releasing in 1978 by the name Halloween directed by John Carpenter.