Best Halloween Makeup Ideas That Are Actually Easy

Halloween makeup art has come quite a long way from what it was before. During olden times there was no such thing as makeup and effects that would compliment your costumes and give an entirely new look.

List of Halloween makeup ideas

In old traditions, people would surely wear costumes and dress up for Halloween although the reasons were different for dressing up then. Before no one usually thought about makeup the way we have today to give a special look to your character.

Witch Makeup

Most makeup artists work based on themes of which the most common are the zombie theme and witch theme. You don’t need to worry if someone else is dressed up in the same character as the art resources are so vast that it can have various designs and color combinations for the same character. If you wish, most Halloween makeup artists will offer customized work also.


Witch Makeup

Below is the link to the article by Augusta Falletta posted on which has many different variants of dressing up as a witch.

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Halloween makeups can take few minutes to hours to create the perfect effect. The first thing that most of us should see if the materials used by artists suit our skin and then only proceed. Most Halloween makeup materials are also available organically from purely natural sources.

Snapchat Rainbow Makeup

These days it’s not very hard to put on makeup wonder how? Well, there are may software’s that allow you to create images without actually putting makeup on yourself. The most popular of them are the snap chat filters which has many new effects in it.

Snapchat rainbow effect as Halloween Makeup

Snapchat rainbow effect as Halloween Makeup

The benefit about digital makeup is that it does not need to be applied on the skin. It is a virtual way to look different. You can use many filters in a fraction of seconds with all new looks and see which one suits you best. Then you can use these images to put on makeup.

The most known snap chat filters are the rainbow filter. Here is a tutorial on how you can paint yourself resembling the barfing rainbow filter “”

You can find a video tutorial for the same by Brittany Marie here “ “

Full Body Makeup

People mostly paint their faces and upper body parts to fit into their character. However, there are may characters that need full body work. The effects that would make them look as original as the character.
Superhero Full Body Makeup

You can view full body makeup done of cyborg superman by Argenis Pinal on himself at

There are many other designs you can choose either from a superhero or some other character.

Animal Print Full Body

Zebra Paint for full body makeup

Zebra Paint for full body makeup

Some people also like to put animal makeups for Halloween. Here is a link to full body zebra makeup posted by at photographed and edited by Joseph Gomis.

Find how to put zebra body paint makeup at on
posted by Ashley Rubi. You can choose from many other animal or bird prints from tigers to peacocks.

Scary Full Body Makeup


Here is few amazing full body paint for Halloween at

If you really want to scare people and look sexy here is a makeup idea by Talia Cich posted on

Avatar Makeup


There are other characters people like to dress up like the  avatar. Here is a self-made avatar makeup has done using very few materials posted on

Halloween makeups are available for all ages from children to adults. Young children often choose a simple style for which the makeup can be done at home. However, adults prefer all the special effects on them as they have a bigger competition among their friends and family. Many couples dress up same and prefer their makeup same to same to their partners.

Inspirational Makeup

Nowadays makeup art has evolved so much that some art is such our eye cannot believe. Many professionals can work on your character and give you the desired look you wish. One popular Halloween makeup artist by the name Alexys Fleming has been creating looks to a whole new level.
Self-inspired work by Alexy Fleming:-

Here is a link to Alexy Flemings Youtube channel where you can unbelievable work done by her .

She surely is one of the Halloween makeup artists who has brought the art to a more professional level. Halloween makeup artists not only works on famous characters but also self-inspired designs that can leave us jaw dropping.

If you wish to inspire and keep people thinking about your makeup for days this is what will make it possible.

DIY Makeup

DIY Halloween Makeup Kit

DIY Halloween Makeup Kit (Click to Buy)


There are many DIY kits available for Halloween makeups which we are simple to use. There are tons of online resource and tutorials which help us to design our desired effect. DIY Halloween makeup kits are surely a good option if the design is not very complicated as it can be very cost effective and you can feel proud to dress yourself and your family members.

Here are simple kits which allow you to put makeup of many different characters. You can share the kit with family and friends.

On the other hand, professional Halloween makeup artists are undoubtedly costly. Having said that heir work is flawless and can bring a lot of new things to the table. They are more familiar with products and materials they use than someone who does not work on it regularly. Also, their products are expected to be of higher quality. They are highly experienced to deal with any mishaps.

Cost of Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeups can be quite costly depending on the special effects you want to use and how unique you want your look to be. Most people before used to put Halloween makeups to match their Halloween costumes. However these days they are ready to experiment and do a complete mismatch.

Most artists charge by the hour usually half hour rates to hourly and half day and full day rates are also available. The cost is anywhere between $50 to $ 500. The range is quite big but so is the art as it has many varieties to choose from the simplest to the very custom designed.

Halloween is coming soon so get yourself the scariest makeup was done or the funniest. You can also try maybe something inspirational that people would want to glue their eyes on you and would love to know more about it.