Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios

Halloween Horror Nights is an annual event which is organized by universal studios across the globe. That is the scariest event organized on Halloween every year.

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

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Halloween horror night is an event that is organized every year by Universal Studios. The event is held in four different studios around the globe which are Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal Studios Japan. The studios stay open during the day with normal activities but at night they transform into Halloween Horror nights with different themes.

Universal Studios

Universal Studios Florida first organized Halloween horror nights in 1991,25 years back and titled it as “fright nights” later it was renamed as Halloween Horror nights. It is usually a three-day event. Then seeing the popularity they started organizing Halloween horror nights six years later in the Universal Studios Hollywood, and then same way progressed to arrange first Halloween night outside the U.S in Singapore n 2011. After Singapore seeing the popularity and craze of Halloween among people they started the event in Japan in 2012.

Themes of Horror nights

Themes of Horror Nights

Themes of Horror Nights

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These events have different themes which they call the “scare zones” and also have live shows for people in them. All these events have age limits. Children below 13 are not allowed for the Halloween horror nights as it has violence, scary pictures and some of them have adult content. It also has very loud and high pitched terrifying screams

The event is not for children under 13 years old because it contains bloody violence, terror-themes, languages, scary images, adult content, and as well as loud and highly unpleasant screaming all through the night. Nowadays the event is not just for 3 days but for 30 days. So if you have other activities, you can surely enjoy those and then be a part of this event.

The actors performing at these studios are trained to with all scare tactics which they learn for years and experiment. These actors have specially designed Halloween costumes designed frighten us. The scary Halloween costumes by themselves are designed such that it will make us believe that the character is real.

Halloween horror nights at universal studios is one of the most popular places to spend Halloween night although there are few other alternative sites which have similar events like zombie-themed parks or graveyard theme parks but on a smaller scale and for a short period. At Universal studios, they do keep some rides at night and decorate it to suit the scary theme. In recent times lots of scare room names have changed, and blood has been replaced by a green color liquid to make it more favorable to people.

Characters at Halloween Horror Nights

Scary Characters of Halloween horror nights

Scary Characters of Halloween horror nights

In recent years rights of new characters like Freddy Krueger and Leatherface have been gained by universal studios for the event of Halloween horror nights. In 2010 the universal studios Halloween nights celebrated its 20 years naming the event icon “fear”. There are many scary houses in these events and the number keeps on increasing.

They all have different themes and scare actors dress up in to scare us. All houses have a background story to it to make us believe in the events taking place in it. Everyone has to walk through these scare houses as they walk through there are scare actors who pop up suddenly to scare and in some there are automated scream noises to scare people. Some rooms are designed such that to reach somewhere you need to go through these scary zones.

The Halloween horror nights take place every year, so people need to book their tickets in advance. It is truly an amazing experience and surely a place to be on Halloween night as it will be an unforgettable experience.It’s a great time to enjoy with you partner and see who is scared more and a good way to play some pranks with each other.

Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Studio, 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL ,Florida,United States-32819
Starting on
September 30, 2016
Ending on
October 31, 2016
Offer Price
USD 50.39