Play best Halloween Games 2017 online to celebrate 31 October with more fun

Halloween games are played during the autumn festival called the Halloween.The festival is celebrated with family and friends and enjoyed my majority of the western countries. The majority of the families start preparing two weeks before Halloween. Halloween is just not a festival of costumes and decorating houses, but also many games are linked with Halloween. One such game is called the apple bobbing, which in Scotland is known as dooking.

Halloween Games 2017

We have prepared a list of the best games to be played on 31st October 2017. You can get an idea about Halloween games for kids, adult and family from below:

Scary Games for Kids

You can find a list of the scary games to play with friends. You can surf this page and find several scary games for Halloween.

Apple Bobbing – Halloween Game

Kids Playing Apple Bobbing Game on Halloween

Apple Bobbing Games for Kids

Apple bobbing is a game where water is filled in a tub or container, and apples are put in it. As apples are lighter than water they float on the surface of the water and players are asked to catch the apples using their teeth. Using other parts of the body are not allowed, to avoid cheating hands are tied behind the back.You can play this amazing Halloween game with family and friends to celebrate 31st October with more fun.

There are many names for the game given by different regions as in some parts of England its called apple ducking. In Ireland, it’s known as snap apple, and the event is known as snap apple night. There many variations in which the game is played like in dunking you have to be on knees while trying to hold the apple between your teeth, the other way of the game is to hold a fork between the teeth and try to put the fork through the apple.

In recent times most people play the game where apples are hanging on a string and participants have to try to catch the apple between their teeth. Most people coat apples with syrup or chocolate sauce which leads to having a messy face at the end of the game. It is very fun to play with friends and family and to enjoy the games on Halloween as all can participate in it. Same way as apple bobbing use of hands is not permitted. It is also known as dangling apples.

Superstitious Games


superstitious games

Another game played during Halloween was very widespread and enjoyed by most. It was called Halloween game of walnut shells. People would use milk to write their fortune on a plain white paper and after the paper had dried it was fooled and laid into walnut shells. Then the shell is warmed, and the writing that was once invisible on white paper would turn brown and be visible on the white paper.

People also used to play the fortune teller game where different symbols were drawn and cut out and placed on a tray. Then one person would be asked to enter a dark room and place his hand on ice and then put the same hand on the plate with symbols. The cutout paper would stick on the hand hence show their fortune based on symbols. The symbols used to foretell wealth, poverty, marriage fame or good luck.

Printable games for Halloween

You can play plenty of board games on Halloween. But you should have printed page, card in your hand before you start playing. We have collected few best printable Halloween games for you. You can take a print out of the paper and play with your kids, family or friends.

List of the websites to play Halloween Games Online

Here is the list of several websites where you can play Halloween games online and enjoy the day with full of fun and happiness.


This Halloween try to revive some of the old traditions or make a new game that would bring family and friends closer to have a memorable time that you would remember for the rest of your life.

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Origin and History of Halloween games

The game is believed to be originated from the Roman festival. It came into Britain during the Roman invasion of Britain where a lot of Celtic traditions merged with the roman customs. During the invasion, Romans brought an apple tree which represents the goddess of fruit trees the Pomona. According to their belief when apple is sliced and if the apple seeds form a five-pointed star, it is a magical symbol.

This procedure would decide marriages during that time of the year. From this comes the game apple bobbing where in those times single people would try to bite the apple floating in water or hanging from a string which if successful would be permitted to marry. In olden time girls who placed the apple, they caught under their pillows believed to dream of their destined lover.

In medieval times some of the Halloween games played were known to be fortune revealing games. During this period most of these customs were enjoyed in the rural areas. Only a few of them participated as it was known to be dangerous practices and to be careful of them.

An old Scottish tradition where to know ones destined spouse was to peel the apple in on one long strip and to toss the cut piece on one’s shoulder which would land in the form of a letter shape which would determine the first letter of the future spouse name. Some other customs were when a woman would sit in a dark room and stare at a mirror, and the face of their future partner would appear in the mirror. If in any case, they were going to die before marriage a skull would appear in the mirror.