Halloween countdown 2017 timer and date 

Halloween 2017 countdown has started. It is a festival that dates back to more than 2000 years. Halloween is linked to the Celtic tradition called the Samhain. The Celtic region is now Ireland and the United Kingdom. They used to celebrate the summer end on October 31 -November 1 just before the cold weather and end of harvest time.

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Halloween 2017 Countdown

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According to old believes the spirits and ghosts of the dead would come back to the world. So they celebrated the festival Samhain on October 31 when they thought the spirits would return to the living world. It was believed that priests during this day would predict how the cold season would go.

When is Halloween 2017?

Halloween falls on Tuesday the 31st of October 2017. The festival is observed in many parts of the world.

31 October calendar

31st October – Halloween date

History of Halloween date

Halloween is not only related to the Celtic festival Samhain but also linked by many with the Roman feast of Pomona and festival of Parentalia, festival of the dead. The Romans as well celebrated their festival sometime in October.
According to Christianity Halloween is the day before all holy days. The days after Halloween are the All Hallow’s day on November 1, which also is known as All Saint’s or Hallowmas

and All Souls’ day on 2 November. So the 31st October being the eve of All Hallow’s Day. These three days together are known as Allhallowtide. The festive is known for honouring the saints and praying for people who died recently, so their souls reach heaven.

Is 31st October the Wrong Halloween date?

Many believe Halloween originated from pagan beliefs and was Christianised later. However, some believe it to be a Christian holiday. Pagan religion and Christianity are very much different. Christian holidays are not based on nature whereas the pagans are entirely based on nature. Many pagan holidays and Christian holidays fall on same days which puts many in a dilemma as to which is the actual origin of these holidays.

Halloween countdown

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It’s known that the Halloween comes from the Celtic festival Samhain. So to know the date of Samhain, it is vital that Pagans celebrate Samhain on the correct day. As it is a festival more like a gateway for spirits and fairies of another world to visit earth, timing must be vital. Halloween can not fall on the same day. As according to pagan beliefs, Samhain was a festival between the two other holidays equinox and the winter solstice. But both of these holidays don’t fall on the same day so how would Samhain be celebrated on the same day each year.

During the mid-century, Samhain was being celebrated either on October 31 or November 1st. Some believe Samhain to be far older than we know and according to them, it is a holiday when summer ends. Summer in Celtic countries ends earlier than October 31st so how is October 31st celebrated as Halloween? Today we celebrate Halloween on a fixed date the October 31st of each year.

Halloween 2017 celebration Worldwide

Halloween is celebrated in many countries of the world daily the Christian countries. All celebrate Halloween in a different way depending on traditions that have come a long time before to their countries. In old England, a feast would be prepared on Halloween in churches. In Spain, pastries are baked on this day and put them on graves of the churchyard. This practice still continues where people bake special cakes called “Huesos de Santo” which directly means bones of the holy. In France on the eve of all hallows day Christian families prayed beside graves of loved ones with offerings set with cups full of milk. In Italy, families leave a meal for the ghosts of their ancestors.