Valentine’s Gifts for Your Husband and Boyfriend in 2017

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Husband and Boyfriend in 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift ideas for men

Valentine’s day is a very important day awaited by all around the globe. Most people express their love on this day by gifting something to their someone special. Giving a gift to boyfriend/husband on Valentine’s Day have long been a tradition among all lovers. However, nowadays this tradition has risen to a great extent. Common thinking is a guy giving presents to the girl, but nowadays even women present to their partners.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him

Valentine’s Day is not only a festival for young ones but of all immaterial of age. Many celebrate Valentine’s Day even after being married for many years. All that matters is to make a moment. Here are a few unique gifts for your boyfriend or husband for this Valentine’s Day. We have also provided a list of valentine’s gift for your girlfriend on this page.

Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized Photo frame

Personalized Photo frame – cute valentine gift for him

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An amazing gift for him that truly expresses your love and the special relationship you have. The frame has velvet backing, glass front, and silver double frame. The frames are shiny silver that looks exquisite. The best part of the frame is to make it personal by adding your favorite 4×6 photo on the right-hand side of the frame. The frame can be put at home as well as the office. The gift comes with the gold label of “I Love You”. The frame is of excellent quality which can blend in any style. The frame looks classy and expresses true emotions. A truly romantic gift for your husband.


Speaker as gift

Speakers as gift for him


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An amazing gift for your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. There are many types of speakers available from portable to big speakers for home. Portable speakers can be used for an office. A great variety of Bluetooth speakers are available based on requirement. Some USB speakers are also available for your husband’s computer. If you wish to purchase something bigger than a great gift would be a speaker system which can be used by the whole family.



Hoverboard – Unique valentines day gift for boyfriend

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The hoverboard is not just an exciting gift but also very fun for all. One gift that would make your boyfriend the happiest person in the world. The gift can also make lots of memories for the whole year. A gift that will be remembered till the next Valentine’s Day. Hoverboards can also be used by anyone in the family. There are many types of hoverboards available, from which you can choose based on your budget. The best way is to mark it with I love you on the plates to make it personalized. You can gift this hoverboard to your boyfriend on valentine’s day and let him be adventurous.



Watch as professional gift for him on valentine

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Watches are a great gift for a boyfriend as well as a husband on Valentine day. The great thing about watches is that it has a variety of options to choose from. They are available in a wide range which can fit most budgets. Many brands are available which are Gucci, Casio, Citizen, Stuhrling, and Diesel. They come in leather and metal belts with so many dials look to choose from. Most men wear a watch every day and can be a good reminder of the moment of Valentine’s Day every time they wear their watch.

Shaving Set

Shaving Set

Shaving Set – Valentines Day Gifts for him

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Shaving set is a very useful gift for all men on February 14. It also can remind them of you every time they shave. There are tons of options available to find the perfect gift set for your partner. Shaving sets include brush, razor, stands to hold the kit, and many shaving assortments. You will have a variety of materials to choose from. The brush comes chrome plated as well high-quality wood. Find the best shaving set that matches the taste of your husband/boyfriend.



Trimmer to Gifts him

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There are many styles of trimmer available suitable on the requirement. We all want our boyfriends to shave and get a haircut more frequent. Men sometimes feel lazy do not wish to get a haircut, however having one at home can change things. Trimmer with a clipper is a great thing to have at home, which can be used almost every day by your partner. There are tons of option from which you can choose based on hair type and other settings. See what is suitable for your partner accordingly you can purchase trimmers or clippers.



Men’s Cologne

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Colognes are one of the best gifts for your husband or boyfriend this Valentine’s Day. Colognes come in a great range of scent flavors as well as price. Colognes can match your budget well with a wide range of prices. There are many brands available like Guess, Nautica, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Acqua DI Gio. You may wish to buy the same one that your boyfriend might be using or maybe try something new that you wish him to try. It is a great way to discover new scents that suit them.

Beer Growler

Beer Growler

Beer Growler Gift For Husband

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This beer growler is double-wall vacuum insulated body that keeps your beer cold for almost twenty-four hours. Even when the sun is shining your husband’s beer will be cold. One bonus thing is there is no sweating on the outside. The growler is made of high-quality stainless steel which is used in brewing equipment. It is constructed well to ensure there is no leakage. The best part is you can enjoy your cold beer anywhere, whether on a beach or camping. The growler is very easy to clean.

Tea & Espresso Maker

Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

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The best way to make your husband’s day great. This French press, tea, and an espresso maker are the perfect way to extract the flavors of tea and coffee. The insulated outer shell protects the glass pot from cracks. It looks stunning when kept on the kitchen counter. The handle is comfortable with a sturdy design for easy pouring to your mug. The filter and strainer are stainless steel. The handle, black siding and top cover are made of plastic material. It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The best part about it is being portable. Your husband or boyfriend can carry to the office, travel, and camping. He will never miss a perfect cup of coffee.

Magnetic Bottle Opener


Magic Bottle Opener as a gift for him

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The Magnetic bottle is ready for use with strong magnetic mounting. The piece can be mounted on a wall and sides of the fridge for your comfort. The magnets are permanent which i=makes easier to for one-handed operation. It can hold over fifty beer caps. The material is upgraded Zinc alloy opener. The opener is handcrafted with Merbau hardwood and finished with a multi-step finishing process for maximum protection. Mounting screws are included for wall mounting. It is very impressive, making it one of the best purchases, especially when you organize parties.

Valentine’s Day 2017 is the day when you express your love to each other as well make your bond stronger. It’s the day to make each other feel as special as you can. It comes once a year where you dedicate yourself fully to one another and enjoy the day. It is not about what you give or what you get, the true essence of relation is in the love you have for each other.