Cheap Halloween Costumes that can be made easily at home

Halloween is a festival celebrated by the majority of the Christian population. The festival is enjoyed in the company of friends and families. As the festival approaches we start to plan ourselves financially on what needs to be purchased and how much can we spend?

We spend a lot on things on Halloween like decorations, food, party and costumes for all family members including the pet. It can drain our accounts if we don’t plan in advance. It is best to find alternate ways to find things cheaper or make few of the things at home.

List of Best Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes

Costumes are the key ingredient of the festival as everyone needs a costume. Here are few costumes that you can make at home ad save yourselves few bucks.

DIY Fortune Teller Halloween Costume

Fortune Teller Costume

Fortune Teller Costume

Here is a great costume which simple and can be made at home. The costume may look flashy but it is very cheap and easily made at home.

Materials Needed to Create Fortune Teller Halloween Costume

  1. Hair Clips
  2. 30 -inch squares of floral cotton fabric – 11
  3. Safety Pin
  4. 36-inch square of linen
  5. Fabric Glue
  6. 1/2 inch white twill tape – 5 feet
  7. Gold Cord
  8. Double side metallic gold craft paper
  9. Circle Punches

How to make DIY fortune teller Halloween costume

  1. Take one square, pinch the centre and tie twill tape 1 inch from the point of the pinched end. Do this starting 12 inches from the end of the tape. Do same for each square.
  2. Take your double sided gold paper and punch using the craft punch to cut circles. Stick with gold cord using glue to make necklaces. Now make necklaces of different sizes using different size circles. Make additional 2 for the head scarf.
  3. Now take the square and fold in half on the diagonal. With forehead in centre wrap it around head.
  4. Now secure it with a safety pin and clip it to the hair.
  5. Take another skirt and tie the cotton skirt over it. Now wear a long sleeved blouse and tights. Put on leather belts. Wear your necklaces, and wrap shoulders with a shawl.

DIY Beekeeper Costume for Halloween

Beekeeper costume for Halloween

Beekeeper costume for Halloween

A costume very easy to make and does look unique then all store bought costumes. The costume is very well designed and creates the illusion of real bees flying around it. Well, the bees are attached perfectly to create the illusion.

Materials Needed to create Beekeeper Halloween Costume

  1. Pair of cotton work gloves with yellow accents
  2. Scissors
  3. Pair of painter’s coveralls
  4. Black tulle netting
  5. Light-coloured shirt
  6. White straw hat
  7. Duct Tape
  8. White Spray Paint
  9. Metal Bucket
  10. Glue gun
  11. Yellow Paint Pen
  12. White Seam Binding
  13. Letter Stencils
  14. Millinery Bees
  15. Wire Cutters

How To Make DIY beekeeper costume for Halloween

  1. Cut tulle long as the circumference of the hat and 16 inches wide. Now hot-glue seam binding to one side of tulle. Then glue it on the underside of hat brim and overlay seam binding.
  2. Detach wires from the bees. Stick the bees (wireless) to tulle. Stick through few wired bees into the top of the hat from outside.
  3. Now been wire to 90 degrees and glue it inside of the hat.
  4. Now write “Honey” on the bucket and leave it to dry. Tape wired bees to the inside of the bucket.
  5. Now put on the hat with a shirt, coverall and gloves.

DIY Swamp Couple Halloween Costumes

Swamp Couple Halloween Costume

Swamp Couple Halloween Costume

Another costume that will stun many at your party. A great way to use your jacket, dress and tie. The couple will costume will save money for both. You can also make your costume together to make it a memorable time.

Materials Needed to create Swamp Couple Halloween Costume

  1. Bobby Pins
  2. Dress
  3. Safety Pins
  4. Jacket
  5. Hot Glue
  6. Tie
  7. Leaves and Plastic Maiden-Hair Ferns
  8. Plastic Leaves or Flowers

How To Make DIY Swamp Couple Halloween Costume

  1. Cut the sleeves of the dress and wrap with leaves which are interspersed with plastic maiden-hair ferns using hot glue.
  2. Glue only the base of the leaf and make a pattern or design of your choice.
    Make sure the vines overrun parts of the dress.
  3. Knot tie on the neck and cut through at the back. Fasten it using a safety pin for convenience. Not hot glue the vine on to the tie.
  4. For the jacket, hot glue cedar branches and maiden-hair fern on it. Now to make the hat with leaf, take a thin ribbon and make a 2-inch loop. Now bring the ends to the centre and glue them. Use bobby pins to attach through loops.

DIY Vampire Costume for Haloween

Vampire Costume for Halloween

Vampire Costume for Halloween

A vampire costume is perfect for this spooky festival. What better than a vampire to scare off people. Most store bought vampires costumes are expensive so here is an alternative for a homemade elegant vampire costume. For some money does not matter but they wish to design the costume they are going to wear so here is a great costume for them.

Materials Needed to Create Vampire Costume for Halloween

  1. Four-Point-Star Template
  2. Sewing Supplies
  3. Fangs
  4. Red Taffeta – 2 1/2 yards
  5. Bluestik reusable adhesive
  6. Gold Paper
  7. Small Paintbrush
  8. Assorted width of red shade ribbon
  9. 4-inch-wide Velvet Ribbon – 2 yards
  10. Craft Glue
  11. 2-inch-wide Ribbon – 20 inches
  12. Assorted small pom-poms

How To Make DIY Vampire Costume for Halloween

  1. Take the taffeta and cut an 85-inch-long piece of it. Fold 1/2 inch of top edge and press then fold 8 inches of the top. Sew in 1/8 from the edge.
  2. Top stitch 1 1/2 inches from the folded edge to make a channel. Take the black ribbon and cut 50-inch in length.
  3. Attach a safety pin then guide the ribbon through the channel.
  4. For the tie, leave 15 inches of ribbon.
  5. Then sew channel on both ends.
  6. Make a rectangle by folding the gold paper in a square. To make a six-point star bring the upper-left point to the right edge of the rectangle. The bring lower-left corner to the right so the shape of left edge meets the top age.
  7. Now fold paper horizontally by bringing top edge down. Cut top edge of shape down too midpoint of the bottom edge.
  8. Cut 3-inch ribbon in different widths. Align all ribbon and glue together. Then glue the pom-pom to back of each star.
  9. Now glue stars to the ribbon.
  10. To make the rosette, take a 2-inch wide ribbon and cut 20-inch in length. Sew one edge, then assemble ribbon in rosette shape and stitch.
  11. Stick stars on top of each other at the centre
  12. To make the necklace, take a 1/4-inch-wide and 1/2-inch ribbon and cut a 12-inch strip and glue star to centre.
  13. Take the 4-inch-wide ribbon and cut 2 yards. Attach medals to sash to make it appear straight when worn diagonally.
  14. Wear a tuxedo and then attach the taffeta on the waist. Tie 30-inch strip red taffeta on the neck like a bow tie. Wrap sash on the body and fasten it with pins.
  15. Use reusable adhesive to stick cufflinks to shirt buttons.

DIY Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Halloween Costume

Bubble wrap jellyfish Halloween Costume

Bubble wrap jellyfish Halloween Costume

A unique costume which will attract all eyes on to you. The costume looks creepy, scary as well as amazing.

Materials Needed to Create Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Halloween Costume

  1. Scissors
  2. Bubble Wrap
  3. Lightweight iridescent cellophane
  4. Umbrella
  5. Hot Glue Gun
  6. White Enamel paint or white tape

How To Make DIY Bubble Wrap Jellyfish Halloween Costume

  1. Cover the metal parts of umbrella with white tape
  2. For tentacles cut strips of the bubble wrap diagonally between bubbles. Now tape strips end to end varying its lengths.
  3. Tape each tentacle on inside rim of the umbrella.
  4. Cut 22 inches long and 5 inches of 16 bubble wrap strips.
  5. Cut 8 exactly of the iridescent cellophane. Now put the cellophane between 2 bubble strips. Then hot glue the edges of the tentacle to an umbrella.
  6. Cut 10 inches wide two base strips from the small bubble. Cut 8 strips of small bubbles and shred one edge.
  7. Now hot glue all strip edges to centre strip. Tape the tentacles at the top of the umbrella.

DIY Tulle Ghost Costume for Halloween

Tulle Ghost Costume for Halloween

Tulle Ghost Costume for Halloween

Dressing up in this white ghost costume will defiantly scar many of your friends. Ghost is one of the symbols related to halloween and choosing a ghost costume is perfect for Halloween.

Materials Needed to Create Tulle Ghost Costume for Halloween

  1. Glow in dark paint
  2. Scissors
  3. White Yarn or ribbon
  4. White tulle
  5. Yarn needle

How To Make DIY Tulle Ghost Costume for Halloween

  1. Before you make the dress, it is best to measure the person you are making the dress for and if it is for yourself then ask someone to measure accurately for you.
  2. Considering the height, cut 7 lengths of white tulle by doubling the height.
  3. Pinpoint the spot to make the hood on the tulle by holding it lengthwise.
  4. To get the perfect measurement measure shoulder to shoulder then add 3 inches and divide by 2.
  5. Now measure distance on tulle from the centre. Use pins to mark the arc wit intervals of 3 to 4 inch.
  6. Thread a yarn needle using white yarn or ribbon. The yarn should be 3 yards longer. Now weave all layers along the marked arc.
  7. Now to complete the costume scrap 2 layers of the cape and put glow in the dark paint all over it.

DIY Ursula Halloween Costume

Ursula Halloween Costume

Ursula Halloween Costume

The Ursula costume is perfect with its shady colors and horrifying look. The costume will be a hit for your party.

How To Make DIY Ursula Halloween Costume

  1. To make the trident, use 3/4 inch dowel and 3 layers of foam board. Glue the 3 layers and then glue the same to the dowel.
  2. Make semi-circles shapes on top and bottom of Trident using hot glue.
  3. Trim edges of foam board to make it smoother.
  4. Use sturdy wire bent in shape and wrap it craft foam to make the crown.
  5. Spray paint metallic gold paint on crown and trident.
  6. You can purchase a cheaper wig and make changes to it as desired. Use good spray on the wig, so it holds it well.
  7. Use a blue bridesmaid dress and make a tulle skirt using different shades of blue.
  8. To make the tentacles use black vinyl and purple taffeta. Measure it well before making it.
  9. You can make many different patterns using wrapping paper. Sew wrapping paper, vinyl, and taffeta and stuff with poly-fil.
  10. Use metal snaps to hold the tentacles well and can easily be removed.
  11. Finally, you can put on makeup that can match your dress well.

DIY Little Lamb Costume for Halloween

Little Lamb Costume for Halloween

Little Lamb Costume for Halloween

Materials Needed to Create Little Lamb Costume for Halloween

  1. White Hat
  2. White Bodysuit
  3. White and black felt
  4. Pom-poms – 500
  5. Fabric-Tac glue

How To Make DIY Little Lamb Costume for Halloween

  1. First, download Lamb pattern from the internet
  2. Take you bodysuit and cut its sleeves. Now stick the pom-poms using glue.
  3. Take the white and black and cut ear shapes from it. Stick the back piece onto the white.Glue that to the hat.
  4. Cover your hat with pom-poms.

DIY Rooster Halloween Costume

Rooster Halloween Costume

Rooster Halloween Costume


Materials Needed to Create Rooster Halloween Costume

  1. Scraps of black and white felt
  2. Red and Orange stiffened felt
  3. Feathers in different colours
  4. Fabric-Tac glue
  5. 17 x 17 inch square of felt (match with sweatshirt)
  6. Orange and Red regular felt
  7. Velcro sew on tape

How To Make DIY Rooster Halloween Costume

  1. First, you need to download the Rooster pattern from the internet.
  2. Now to make the beak, take the red stiffened felt and cut visor shape of out of it. Do same with orange stiffened felt.
  3. Now glue the red on the orange, then stick the visor on the front side.
  4. To make the rooster comb, take your red stiffened felt and cut two comb shapes and stick them together. Stick only the upper side leaving the bottom open.
  5. Now take the bottom and open in T shape and put glue to attach to the hood.
  6. To make the wattle, use red felt and cut wattle shapes and stick using velcro see on tape on the shirt collar.
  7. To make the feathered cape, take the 17 x 17 inch felt, fold in half and cut a semicircle to form an opening.
  8. For better fit cut a 3-inch slit out of the circle.
  9. Now stick the assorted feathers around the edge of the cape.
  10. To make eyes, take the felt and cut two white and two black circles and glue it on the hood.

DIY Goldfish Costume for Halloween

Goldfish Costume for Halloween

Goldfish Costume for Halloween

Materials Needed to Create Goldfish Costume for Halloween

  1. Small sheets of black and white felt
  2. Orange felt – 1 square yard
  3. Sheets of laminate
  4. Fabric-Tac glue
  5. Yellow Satin, Multicoloured Metallic Fabric and Gold Metallic Fabric – 1 yard of each

How To Make DIY Goldfish Costume for Halloween

  1. The first thing is to download the Goldfish pattern from the internet.
  2. To make the fins, use the orange felt and cut four equal size fish fins. Glue all one piece to other.
  3. Next, glue those to the back of the sweatshirt.
  4. Now, use the orange felt to cut fish tail shape that covers back of the sweatshirt.
  5. Use the laminate sheet to cover back of satin.
  6. Take the yellow satin and cut scalloped edges of three rows, three rows on gold metallic fabric, and cut five on multicoloured metallic.
  7. Stick the scale-covered fish tail to back of the sweatshirt.
  8. Cut same and stick on the front side of the sweatshirt.
  9. To make the eyes, use the white felt and cut two 2-inch circles and cut two 1-inch from the black felt.
  10. Glue them on the hood.

There are many more DIY costumes that can choose from. If to wish to build something for yourself you can create a costume which many might you in future. The primary goal is to enjoy the festival with family and friends to make the most of the day. If your costume is the story of the day, it will bring you joy and encourage to make more costumes next Halloween. Try to make a costume this Halloween and experience the fun of it.