Happy Deepavali Images (Wallpapers) collection 2017

Diwali Wallpapers are something that will light your house or desktop/mobile screen. Many people are looking for the list of such a free Diwali images to send as wish.

Diwali (Deepavali) is one of the most celebrated holidays in India. It is celebrated by the majority of the population in one way or the other. The festival of lights is a very joyful time of the year when people enjoy time with family bursting firecrackers, eating varieties of sweets and enjoying the time with family. Diwali is widely awaited by children for the excitement of bursting firecrackers. Most children start celebrating Diwali before weeks and females in the family start preparing sweets few days before Diwali to serve guests at the festival.

Happy Diwali Wallpapers

You need words to express your wishes or greetings to your friends and family. But an image is equal to thousands of words so here are some Happy Diwali Wishes images which will help you wish your family and friends better.

Images to share and wallpapers for you computer during Diwali.

Ganpati Wallpaper

Lord Ganpati, son of one of the trinity Lord Shiva and wife Paravati, is one of the most worshiped deities in the Hindu religion. Lord Ganesha commonly is worshiped before all rituals. Ganesha is known to provide prosperity and wealth to his follower.On this festival of lights, Lord Ganesh is widely worshiped by all. A great Diwali wallpaper or Ganesh image you ca share with family and friends.

Lakshmi Wallpaper

Goddess Lakshmi is of great significance in this festival as puja, and other rituals are performed to honor the goddess. Many believeĀ it to be the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi. Use this image or share with loved ones and hope goddess Lakshmi shoes her light on all.

Deepavali Diya Wallpaper

Diya is an important part of the festival. Even with new ways to lit the house people still use earthen diyas on windows, doors to keep the tradition alive. You can free download diya wallpaper for Diwali. As during the time of Lord Rama, the local people of his kingdom lit diyas on houses, streets to welcome him after defeating the evil-minded Ravana

Diwali Swastika Wallpaper

Swastik image

Swastik image

Swastik is a symbol widely used by most during the holiday on the outside of the house. It is made with colors or arranging diyas in the form of a swastika. Why not use this symbol as Diwali wallpaper or to wish people using the swastika and quotes. Get the Swastik image for free.

Deepavali Firecracker Wallpaper

Firecrackers lit the sky in different in colour during this bright festival. There are many variations available these days on wallpapers with firecrackers not just with colour but with designs as well. Having a colour firecracker wallpaper will lit your house as well.

Rangoli Wallpaper for Diwali

Diwali Rangoli with fruits

Fruit Rangoli Wallpaper for Diwali

Rangoli is very common among all homes during the festival of Diwali. A Rangoli is an art to drawing patterns and different designs and fill it with colour. Most rangoli designs resemble Hindu gods or symbols however some may be self-inspired artwork.

Sweets Wallpaper

Diwali Sweet Dish

Diwali Sweet Dish

Most houses are filled with sweets both homemade and store bought. Homemade sweet making is a tradition, and all make at least one variety of sweet at home. We all love having sweets during Diwali then why not keep it as our wallpaper to use the image to send you sweet love to loved ones and family.

Candle Diwali Wallpaper

Happy Diwali Candle Wallpaper

Candle Wallpaper for Diwali

Diwali is a time when al lit their houses; streets are lit with lights, and the whole environment looks bright at night too. Instead of burning diyas, most people burn candles to light the house. Candles come in many shapes related to the Diwali. You can addĀ this awesome candle wallpaper in list of Diwali images collection.

Deepavali Rockets Wallpaper

Rocket wallpaper is one of the most liked Diwali wallpaper and images during the festival. Firing rockets are one of the greatest memory you have as a kid. We all enjoy firing rockets then why not use the same to wish all a crackling Diwali.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated by all age groups, from young children to elderly all have different ways to celebrate the festival. Everything around you is lit from temple, streets, and house. Diwali is not only about outer decoration or light but also about inner light and righteousness. It is to remove the darkness from ourselves and to switch on the spiritual light within ourselves. Diwali is known to be the time to start new things, and it is the best time to stat a new phase of life removing all negativity and absorbing all positivity.

Enjoy the festival of lights to the fullest with family and friends. Hope it removes all the darkness in your life and shines your life with bright light. May this be they year where you blessed with good health and wealth. Feel free to share this collection of Deepavali Wallpapers with your friends.