Merry Christmas countdown 2017 and celebrations

Christmas countdown 2017 is already started. It is a yearly festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is commonly celebrated on December 25. Although there is some disagreement on the date to celebrate Christmas 2017. It is a religious celebration celebrated by almost 70% of the world. Not all celebrate it as a religious festival but some to follow the tradition of the western community.

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 2016

Christmas is a public holiday in most parts of the world except few countries that do not recognise it as a holiday. The Christmas Eve that falls on the December 24 has more importance regarding the celebration than the Christmas day 2017. On the Christmas day, families spend time with each other, having a feast and enjoying the day around loved ones.

When is Christmas 2017?

When is Christmas

Merry Christmas Date – 25 December

Christmas is a festival that occurs on the every 25th of December. Likewise every year, World is ready to celebrate the Christmas day 2017 on December 25th, Monday.

Merry Christmas Countdown 2017

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Christmas Day Celebration ideas 2017

The modern community celebrates Christmas day by going to church and sing Christmas carols, exchange Christian cards, involve in good doing by serving the church. All celebrate by preparing a special meal, decorating Christmas trees and putting lights on it. Other people exchange gifts, wish each other Merry Christmas and just do something good for the family. You can do the same on Christmas 2017 and celebrate the day.

Christmas as a festival has very significant impact on the economy. Retail shops have statics sales growing more than 50-60%. There is a very popular culture of a Christmas figure knows as Santa Claus bringing gifts to children. Not only in the western countries but most nations see growth in the economy around this times of the year.

Christmas offers 2017

In the past, many customary celebrations were only for the higher class people or who are financially better off. The majority of the population chose no to follow all customs due to financial restriction. People did not bring a tree home, only the financially well off people did. Their dinners would be beef, not turkey. The common people wold get fruits as sweets.

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But as economic condition improved in the 1950s people began celebrating Christmas with all customs and no restrictions. In the Soviet Union, Christmas celebrations were prohibited, and atheism was encouraged.

Special militants were created by Soviets to encourage atheism and advertise against Christmas and other religious festivals like the Easter. Instead of celebrating religious holidays they declared last day of the month as the holiday. This culture heightened when in 1929 children in Moscow were asked to spit on crucifixes as a sign of objection of celebrating Christmas.

After the soviet union dissolved in 1991 Orthodox Christmas once again became a state holiday. Even in the Nazi regime, the religion was idealized as an enemy of the state. But now in the 20th century, the Muslim countries only ban the celebration of Christmas as it threatens the Islamic culture.

History Of Christmas

The western church in the 4th century had placed Christmas on December 25 and then adopted by many churches around the world. Most people today celebrate Christmas on December 25 of the Gregorian Calendar. Most nations follow the Gregorian Calendar nowadays as not to create confusion in communication.

Even many non-Christians follow the Gregorian calendar. According to the Julian calendar, Christmas falls on January 7; the day the Western Church celebrates Epiphany. There is, however, no misunderstanding on what date Christmas should be celebrated but more of which calendar should be used to determine Birth of Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas Word

Merry Christmas Word wallpaper

Merry Christmas Word

The word Merry Christmas comes from two words – Merry means Happy and Christmas mean Crista masse. However, Xmas is an abbreviation of Christmas. In history, Christmas had many names like Nativity, Xmas and Yule. People believe Jesus to be born in Bethlehem to a virgin mother. Mother Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem from Nazareth, and Jesus was born.

It’s believed that angels pronounced him as the savior of the world. King Herod ordered his people to kill every boy who is less than two years old in Bethlehem, so Mother Mary, Joseph, and Jesus run away to Egypt but later settle in Nazareth.

Similar Older Festivals

Some early Christian calendars have evidence that shows the celebration of Christmas on December 25 as the birth of Jesus Christ. The Eastern Christianity believes the birth of Jesus on January 6 and has connections with Epiphany. However later after centuries December 25 has been adopted by most nations.

Some Christian countries still follow January 7 as the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration of Christmas has been banned many times over centuries as some Protestant believe it as non-religious.

Before the early Christian times, many festivals used to come on the same time of the year of winter. The reason for celebration in winter was that no agriculture work would take place during winter due to the cold weather. Many Christian traditions come from the Roman Saturnalia where giving gifts, putting lights on trees and doing charity work where a common tradition.

Other winter celebrations include the celebration of the Egyptian god Horus where his mother feeds him which many times linked to Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus Christ. Some other festivals celebrated were Yule a Scandinavian celebration. Yule meant Christmas season and celebrated around northern Europe. In eastern European countries, Koleda was celebrated as Christmas.

Days Of Christmas

Christmas is not only celebrated on December 25th. In popular belief, Christmas 25, the birthday of Jesus was made a Christian religious festive in Rome. They used to celebrate a festive called “Dies Nautilus Solis Invicti” which meant birthday of the unconquered son. King Aurelian celebrated the sun god and the festive celebrated on December 25.

But then after Emperor Constantine celebrated this feast as the birthday of Jesus, changing the old tradition of the unconquered sun to the sun of righteousness. Since then the date December 25 has been challenged by many. Church of England who believed that Christmas falls nine months after April 7. Christians believe the birth of Jesus and death occurred on the same date on March 25 in the Julian Calendar.

In the Middle Ages Christmas was overlooked by Epiphany. The mid-age calendar had many Christmas holiday that would relate in on way or other to Christmas. Before there were 40 days of Christmas which changed to 12 days of Christmas in the 12th century from December 25 – January 5th. It is also known as Twelve holy days.

In the same age, the popularity of Christmas grew as emperors were crowned on the day of Christmas. King Richard II of England organized Christmas feast to celebrate Christmas. Singing carols also were popular and dancers used to perform. Although people criticized and found caroling degenerative.

Drinking ad gambling was also part of the festival during these ages. Gift giving also grew around this period but was usually between people with a formal relationship such as the landlord. In England, lavish dinners were part of the festival but commonly enjoyed by the royals.

In the 19th century, carols and poems by writers were known to bring the spirit of Christmas. This changed the idea of Christmas as a holiday of increasing bond with family and do some good deeds. The idea of celebrating Christmas turned to celebrating Christmas with family and being more generous.

Charles Dickens a notable writer influence the way Christmas day was celebrated. In his novel, family gatherings, dancing, and playing games were widely accepted by most Christians. The phrase Merry Christmas was also picked up from his novel which was then made famous around the globe.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree was introduced around the 19th century in Britain when a relation formed with the Kingdom of Hanover. It gained popularity when then to be Queen Victoria wrote about her joy in having a Christmas tree with decoration of lights and presents around it. You can find some Best Christmas tree 2017 and Christmas tree decoration ideas for your home and office from the same portal.

In America, Christmas regained popularity in the 19th century where writers and poets influenced which brought the spirit of Christmas. As we know, writers and poets have a good influence on people around those times. Although some regions of the U.S. didn’t celebrate Christmas and was not very popular among them.

Christmas Celebrating countries

As we know, Christmas day 2017 is celebrated in most parts of the world and is a public holiday even in a lot of non-Christian countries. In some non-Christian countries colonization has made it popular, and in some, the small majority people celebrating the festival has made it popular. Countries like Japan have adopted the festival very well especially the customs of gift giving and having a Christmas tree.

The countries that do not have Christmas as an official holiday are Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Iran, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, North Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Somalia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.

In Catholic countries, processions are organized and in most cultures gift are exchanged with family reunions. Most countries December 25 is the day when gifts are exchanged. Some countries exchange gifts on December 6 and some on January 6.

Christmas 2017 is a festival where all celebrate the birth of Christ and pray for families and loved ones. It is the time when family comes together, enjoy their meals, share their feelings for one another and enjoy this cheerful festival.