2017 Wallpapers – Happy New Year 2017 Images

2017 Wallpapers – Happy New Year 2017 Images

Happy New Year 2017 images and HD wallpapers

New Year 2017 images are available to download for free on this portal. The new year is the best time of the year as it is the end of the year and beginning of a new one. Happy New Year 2017 wallpaper are very useful during the holiday and used by most of the people.

New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper

Happy New Year 2017

New Year Eve 2017 is the most celebrated holiday in the world; it is not shocking as the holiday is a global festival and celebrated in most parts of the globe.Happy New year 2017 pictures are in high demand before the festival as everyone is either trying to send wishes using images or keeping for themselves to celebrate the new year. Most companies around the world release new wallpapers and images of their company to commemorate the coming year.

Happy New year 2017 images

Happy New Year 2017 Images are widely used by almost every person celebrating the new year. We all are eager to send our wishes and always want something new and creative. Images are part of your cards, New Year wishes, messages, emails, and wallpapers. Many people who create images particularly for the new year.

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Calendar companies release their calendar with new images of their brands in the new year. But Happy New Year Images are one that is used by most to wish someone a prosperous year ahead.

Bye Bye 2016 – Welcome 2017 images

We often say Bye Bye to one those who are going and welcome for inviting. The Same way people are excited to Bye bye 2016 year and ready to welcome 2017. In order to fulfill their demand, we had created some welcome 2017 images for you. you can download it free and share it on different social media accounts like Facebook, snap chat, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp as well.

Bye Bye 2016 - Welcome 2017 wallpaper

Bye Bye 2016 – Welcome 2017 wallpaper

We all know images speak a hundred words. Well, an image can be used instead of writing a message. It does not mean words do not convey the right message, but new year images would define your thoughts more when you add it to your words.

Bye bye 2016 - Welcome 2017 image

Bye bye 2016 – Welcome 2017 image

get more.

New year 2017 pictures

2̶0̶1̶6̶ - New Year 2017 image

2̶0̶1̶6̶ – New Year 2017 image

There are many types of Happy new year Images available for the year 2017, including printable images. Most images show the welcoming of the new year. Images commonly include of calendar, clock, freedom, new cycle or a new life, motivation and animated characters. These days many use animated images to convert their wishes.

Happy new year 2017 photos

Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper

Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper

Before we send a wish, it is best to see if it conveys your message well and expresses all your sentiments. It is very necessary to choose the right image for the right person which has the right message on it. You can choose by age, theme or any other ways. The ultimate goal is to wish them a happy new year 2017 and wish them a successful year ahead.

New Year 2017 Greetings

New Year 2017 Wishes

New Year 2017 Greetings

A great image would be a motivational one with the right message on it which would be remembered by the recipient for the whole year. It would surely help them achieve all goals that they have set and also further motivate others. It’s time for parties all around the world so a great fun image with a loveable message would also be fantastic.

Happy New year 2017 Wallpapers

2017 Fireworks Wallpaper

2017 Fireworks Wallpaper

Happy New Year 2017 pictures are very common during the festival. Happy new year wallpapers are downloaded almost by the entire world as most of us like to see something new on the begging of the year which is very refreshing. Happy New Year Wallpapers are available few weeks before the holiday and can be downloaded on any device of your choice. Many create their wallpapers for a holiday with a personalised touch which would include the family.

New year 2017 wishes images

happy new year wish

new year wishes 2017 image

Wallpapers are of many types from funny New Year Wallpapers to motivational. You can use whichever best suits you. Wallpapers for babies are also available with animated cartoon characters. When everyone is celebrating the new year why not our devices from computers to phones. Our houses are decorated then why not our desktops which would give a complete holiday feeling in the house.

2017 HD wallpaper


2017 image

Rich purple 2017 new year

New year 2017 wallpaper

Happy new year 2017 Wallpaper

Happy new year 2017 Wallpaper

2017 – It’s time to begin something in life and why not print images or keep 2017 wallpapers that would motivate you every day of the coming year to do something good for yourself and society. This would help you achieve goals as well keep reminding you of promises that you made to yourself.

Happy New Year 2017 wallpapers are not just used to send wishes but also can play a vital role through the year 2017. Many websites also offer paid wallpapers which are specifically designed for New Years. Celebrate the day to the fullest and enjoy every second of the day with your family. Have a great year ahead. Happy New Year 2017 to all

Happy New Year 2017 – Resolutions and Essay (Wiki)

Happy New Year 2017 – Resolutions and Essay (Wiki)

Essay on New year history and Resolutions – Why do people celebrate New year?

The definition of a happy new year is as simple as it reads. A new year is the first day of the coming year in any calendar. Most parts of the world follow the Gregorian calendar as official calendar of their country obviously with some exceptions. All countries do have their calendar but officially follow the Gregorian calendar as it makes it easier to record and not create confusion in communication. For instance 1st of January of the Gregorian calendar would be August 27, 2016.

New year 2017 countdown

-476Days 00Hours -39Minutes -14Seconds

You can download 2017 printable calendar from our website.

New Year Essay

We all love holidays, don’t we? First of the coming year is always celebrated, and we spent time with family and friends. We enjoy our day and relax but don’t know why we have a holiday. Our lives are so busy that as soon as we have a holiday we just want to enjoy but not sure why in the first place we celebrating the festival.

History of Happy New Year

New years has not always been celebrated on the 1st of January in history. During the Roman calendar, it was celebrated on 1st of March but then there were only ten months in a year. The first the new year was celebrated was in 153 BC in Rome. As we know the Roman in the Roman age that would relate going make changes and this is the reason the new year changed to January. It is believed by many to be the name of the god of transitions and beginnings Janus.

In history, there have been times when the new year was celebrated on December 25, the birth of Jesus. The history to find exactly was have been confusing when we look backwards. But now we find ourselves lucky that we have a fixed number of days and fix date where all celebrate.

It was finally in 1582 when the Gregorian calendar decided to fix January 1 as the New year. In the early Roman era, the 1 st of January was celebrated with a feast as an anniversary of the Mother of God.

The global power in 16-19 century known to be controlling most parts of the world the British Empire where the sun never sets followed their calendar until 1752. Now almost all world follow the Gregorian calendar and things are much easier now.

Why We Celebrate New Year?

We celebrate new year day recollecting all our memories of the past year that of with family and friends. Some of the sadness, some of the love, some memories that could make us laugh even now and some that could make us cry almost throughout our lives.

If we never had a new year what would we do? We would not know when the year begins as well as when it ends so no birthdays, not festivals. New year celebrate not just in social life but as well as business people share stories of the year that has gone by hoping the coming year even to be more exciting. Every business usually releases it yearly work that doesn’t during the past year.

The new year was celebrated as a religious feast, but now in present time we have given more importance to New years Eve that is on 31st of December. The new years Eve is usually celebrated with loved ones either with a night out or a gathering family wishing everyone a better year to come.

Some celebrate January 1 on beliefs that Jesus was born on December 25, and his circumcision would have taken place on 1 st January. Notably, the Orthodox Church, Anglican Church celebrate as the feast of circumcision of Christ.

How is New Year Celebrated

People celebrate new years in many ways. It differs from different countries, age group and culture background. Most people these days celebrate just as the celebration of a new year, a new part of life and saying goodbye to the year that passed. The festive is celebrated with fireworks and tonnes of hugs and kisses all around loved one’s company.

In a lot of countries, the festival is celebrated to give something back to society. In the US huge polar bear plunges are organised where one puts himself in ice cold freezing water to collect charity. Its the time of year when a person thinks good and changes himself completely to think better of society. It’s the positive vibe all around. It’s a general tradition in the US to give presents and blankets to newborn babies.

Usually, most countries on the new year eve famous monuments and heritage sites are decorated with colourful strings of light. Like the London Eye, in the UK is decorated and signs are put around wishing people a Happy new year. A lot of parties are organised during this period of the year around the world especially famous with the young crowd.

Popular In the U.S.

In the US the most notable and special place to celebrate is the Times Square in New York City where a ball weighing more than 5000 kgs and taller than 3 meters is lowered, and the countdown starts from 11:59 pm from where all start counting the last sixty seconds of the year. This celebration is viewed around the world.If you wish to a celebrate the festival the New York times square will undauntedly be the best place to celebrate it.

This year on new years try to give back something to society and try to make good changes in yourself and your loved one for a better society. It surely is one of the happiest time of the year so work on making others happy.

New Year Resolution

Most people make a resolution on new years of one thing or several things they might do to help society and themselves and things they won’t do that harms others and themselves. Some very common new year resolutions are Not smoking or going to church every week. We always hope we remember our resolutions all year and keep to it.

New year 2017 resolutions

  • Start a Meditation and YogaPractice.
  • Learn Something New Every Day.
  • Pick Up a Hobby.
  • Travel More.
  • Play More.
  • Read More Books
  • Write a Business Plan.
  • Control your food.
  • Spend More Time with family.
  • Stop Procrastinating.
  • Quit smoking (Optional :D)
  • Volunteer and donate more often
  • Be More Confident.
  • Improve Your IQ.
  • Watch less Television and Read more books and magazines
  • Be Kinder to Yourself.
  • Respect Others and Yourself
  • Be Positive
  • Tame Your Monkey Mind
  • Keep a Note
  • Be Clean

New Year Resolution Quotes

New Year Resolution list

New Year Resolution quote

Quotes are always inspiring and act as a food for good thoughts. Most of the people are searching for Happy New Year Resolution Quotes to inspire their selves. Here is the list of the new year inspirational quotes –

  • “I shall stick to my resolution of writing always what I think no matter whom it offends.” – Julia Ward Howe
  • “We can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger after them.” – George Eliot
  • New Year’s resolution? Make you my fiancé. Let’s talk it over, over and over again.
  • “Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” — Goran Persson
  • “Impossible itself says I’m Possible.”
  • “We must have ideals and try to live up to them, even if we never quite succeed. Life would be a sorry business without them. With them it’s grand and great.” – Lucy Maude Montgomery
  • Character is the ability to carry out a good resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed. – Cavett Robert
  • Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other. – Abraham Lincoln
  • “Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.” — Goran Persson

It might come to a surprise but the new year is the most celebrated holiday in the world. With almost more than 60% celebrating the holiday. Most don’t follow the new years for the religious side of it but mainly as de facto.

Gujarati Calendar 2017 – Vikram Samvat 2073 Choghadiya & Tithi

Gujarati Calendar 2017 – Vikram Samvat 2073 Choghadiya & Tithi

Gujarati Calendar 2017 (Vikram Samvant 2073) with all Indian Seasons, Subh Murhart Choghadiya and tithi

Have you ever thought how our lives would be without a calendar? A calendar is an integral part of our lives. Without a gujarati calendar, we won’t know when our birthdays or anniversaries are; we won’t find out when to celebrate the religious/holy days. There are many types of calendars followed by different countries with sole gold to identify days. Some countries follow three to four calendars.

Gujarati Tithi Calendar 2016-2017

The Gujarati Calendar 2017 followed commonly by the Gujarati community is known as Hindu Calendar the Vikram Samvat.

Free Printable Gujarati Calendar 2017

December 2016 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar December 2016 with Tithi

Gujarati Calendar December 2016

January 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar January 2017

Gujarati Calendar January 2017

February 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar February 2017

Gujarati Calendar February 2017

March 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar March 2017

Gujarati Calendar March 2017

April 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar April 2017

Gujarati Calendar April 2017

May 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar May 2017

Gujarati Calendar May 2017

June 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar June 2017

Gujarati Calendar June 2017

July 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar July 2017

Gujarati Calendar July 2017

August 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar August 2017

Gujarati Calendar August 2017

September 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar September 2017

Gujarati Calendar September 2017

October 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar October 2017

Gujarati Calendar October 2017

November 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar November 2017

Gujarati Calendar November 2017

December 2017 Calendar

Gujarati Calendar December 2017

Gujarati Calendar December 2017

Although the Gujarati follow the Vikram Samvat, it has some variations than the other following the Vikram Samvat. In the Gujarati Calendar, the month starts on the sunrise of the day after new moon and ends on the new moon. You can take printout of the above image and create a beautiful free printable Gujarati Calendar with clean dates.

In Gujarat, the last day of the Vikram Samvant 2073 Calendar is celebrated as Diwali and the next day is considered as the New Year. New Year Day is known as any of the below three:

  1. Annakut
  2. Nutan Varsh
  3. Bestu Varsh

But in the north of India, the New Year Day begins with Chaitra Shukla Pratipadha in the Hindu Calendar.

Gujarati Calendar 2073 is a critical element of every Gujarati’s life and also has a significant role within the Gujarati Community. The Gregorian Calendar is used in business and professional works, but the Gujarati calendar is followed to identify holy days and festivals.

Months of Gujarati Calendar

The Gujarati Calendar starts with the month of Kartak and ends with Aaso. The twelve months of Gujarati Calendar are as follows:-

Sr. No.Gujarati MonthGregorian Month

The Seven Days of the week are named as below

  1. Monday – Somvar
  2. Tuesday – Mangalvaar
  3. Wednesday – Budhvaar
  4. Thursday – Guruvaar
  5. Friday – Shukravaar
  6. Saturday – Shanivaar
  7. Sunday – Ravivaar

The three seasons (Ritus) in India are the summer known as Unaalo, winter known as Shiyalo and monsoon known as Chomassu. It also has sub-seasons in each of the above categories.

Indian Seasons (Gujarati Ritus)

  • Summer – Grishma
  • Spring – Vasant
  • Autumn – Sharad
  • Monsoon – Varsha
  • Pre-Winter – Hemant
  • Winter – Shishir

Indian Seasons list Month wise

Here is a table describing season also known as ritus and months relation.

Sr. NO.MonthSeason
1Chaitra & VaishakhVasant or Spring
2Jeth & AshadhGrishma or Summer
3Shravan & BhadarvoVarsha or Monsoon
4Aso & KartakSharad or Autumn
5Magshar & Posh Hemant or Pre-Winter
6Maha & Fagan Shishir or Winter

Difference between Gujarati and Gregorian Calendar

The Gujarati and Christian calendar have many differences. Well, we are in 2016 but in the Gujarati calendar, the year is 2072. The Gujarati Calendar is 56-year ahead of the Christian Calendar. Emperor Vikramaditya of Ujjain founded the Vikram Samvat Calendar which is a lunar calendar. The calendar was established after defeating Shakas in 56 BCE.

If you wish to calculate the Christian year you need to calculate you need to subtract 57 years from the start of Indian year and the end of the Christian year. If the date is to be calculated between of the year, then they have to subtract 56 years.

The solar year is used in the Gujarati Vikram Samvat Calendar but divided into 12 lunar months. The complete lunar year being 354 days 8 hours and 36 seconds with each month of 29 days 12 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds.

The solar year consists of 60 solar months and the lunar months are 62 years. An extra month is added known as Adhik (Purushottam) Month at a period of thirty months. The seasons are based on the sun, the month as per moon and days based on the sun and the moon in the Gujarati Calendar.

Lunar days have different lengths, so the tithis are excluded, or sometimes two days share the same tithi. The days in the calendar are calculated utilising the longitudinal angle difference between the position of sun and moon.

Choghadiya 2017

Choghadiyas are of two kinds, day choghadiya and night choghadiya. Day Choghadiya is the time between sunrise and sunset and the night choghadiya is time between sunset and sunrise. Most Gujaratis use choghadiya to find the auspicious time in the day to start new work or to do some rituals. Most use choghadiya before travelling but nowadays they use it before starting any new work.

Diwas Choghadiya (Day Choghadia) calendar 2017

Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal
Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh
Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog
Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg
Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal
Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh
Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut
Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal

Ratri Chodhatiya (Night Choghadia) Calendar 2017

Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh
Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg
Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh
Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut
Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal
Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh
Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal Udveg Amrut Rog
Udveg Amrut Rog Laabh Shubh Chal Kaal

Good Choghadiya – Amrit, Shush, Labh and Char

Bad Choghadiya – Rog, Kaal and Udveg

Most use choghadiya so the new task they commence results fruitful. Please share this post with friends and make them aware about this free pritable Gujarati Calendar of the year 2017.